Monthly Archive: December 2007

Plush Apocalypse

Don’t remember exactly how long ago it was, or who posted it, but this was a contest entry on a while back.

I Am Kinda Legend

As I only liked 2/3rds of I Am Legend, I guess I’d overall recommend it. I thought Will Smith was good, the story mostly...

Doctor Who Comic Coming

All-New Doctor Who Steers his Tardis Toward the States IDW Publishing to debut first-ever comic book series written exclusively for the American market, starring...

Bergy Todd!

I can’t merely sit here and simply type a review for something as amazing as Sweeney Todd. I’d have to sing you a review...


So look. I really don’t go into movies like Juno wanting to hate them.

Just in time for Xmas Read the reviews, even better than long-removed “Harry Potter Vibrating Broomstick” comments

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