Worst Sequel Fumbles of All Time


Okay, what are the worst drops in quality from one entry in a franchise to the next? I’d love to see your list. I’m leaving out Star Trek and James Bond, because they’re all over the place. Here’s mine:

1. The Matrix to The Matrix Revolutions
2. Aliens to Alien 3
3. Spider-Man 2 to Spider-Man 3
4. Batman Returns to Batman Forever
5. X2: X-Men United to X-Men The Last Stand
6. Superman II to Superman III
7. Shrek to Shrek 2
8. The Godfather Part II to The Godfather Part III
9. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter to Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning (obscure, but I’m a fan)
10. Fletch to Fletch Lives

I’m sure I’m forgetting zillions, and I’m not trying that hard so everyone else can throw into the pot. Rambo: FBP II to Rambo III stick out too, as does Caddyshack, and Ghostbusters.

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  1. bake snaker says:

    Road Warrior to Thunderdome – the worst fumble ever

    House of Dracula to Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein

    and what about Remake Fumbles?

    Rob Zombie should be banned from ever screwing Sherri Moon again for what he did to Halloween.

  2. Fat Ass says:

    Holy cow, remake fumbles are almost too numerous to name. I also thought of Beverly Hills Cop II to III.

    I kinda liked Halloween, though, for what it was apart from the originals.

    Halloween II to III was atrocious, and then 4 to 5 was even worse.

  3. bake snaker says:

    you’re right… every remake is bad… what was I thinking… anyway, I like Halloween III.  Don’t be mean to Halloween III.

  4. Eros Welker says:

    Oooh, I agree with much of your list, so just new ones or tweaks:

    1. The Matrix to The Matrix Reloaded [I actually liked Revolutions so thought it recovered there]

    The Matrix Revolutions

    2. Jaws 2 to Jaws 3 [Yes, it’s a huge fall from Jaws to Jaws 2, but that was still watchable]

    3. Pitch Black to Chronicles of Riddick

    4. Die Hard 2 to Die Hard With a Vengeance [just didn’t seem McClaney to me]

    5. Speed to Speed 2

    6. Poltergeist to Poltergeist 2

    7. Beverly Hills Cop 1 & 2 to Beverly Hills Cop 3

    8. Romancing the Stone to Jewel of the Nile

    9. Rocky I-V to Rocky Balboa [“Tough break, Rock!”]

    10. Oceans 11 to Oceans 12 [Fucking piece of Soderbergh shit]

  5. DougGold says:

    Biggest decline in quality ever:  Star Trek IV to Star Trek V.

    Let’s not forget Saturday Night Fever to Stayin’ Alive, Robocop 2 to Robocop 3 and Terminator 2 to Terminator 3 (actually that was a bigger drop that Star Trek, sorry).