I Am Kinda Legend

As I only liked 2/3rds of I Am Legend, I guess I’d overall recommend it. I thought Will Smith was good, the story mostly interesting and what they did to Manhattan incredibly impressive. Tension is HIGH as he lurks in the dark and the music fades away. I found myself on edge a lot. But at some point, I felt like I was watching “I, Robot” again and didn’t care and then it takes a turn in a direction that I wasn’t a fan of. I’m sure it’s reflecting the source material, but it’s didn’t gel and I was a bit bummed.

I also didn’t love the look of the hemasites/darkseekers/whateva at all. I thought they looked too digit-y, and after the movie was over, I was annoyed as I didn’t understand their rules. Sometimes, Will Smith is screaming in the dark, and they don’t come after him, sometimes he’s whispering and they do; sometimes he turns on a light and they freak out, sometimes he shines a flashlight on them and they don’t. Sometimes they’re mindless animals (a la the Rage virus) and sometimes they hide and wait, or sometimes they even run away. It bugged me.

As the movie nears its end, I remember wishing that we stayed with Smith and his plight. I really could have just watched him “Survivor Man”-style, trying to make it through each and every day. I remember hearing how he raids a Home Depot once for supplies, but that must have ended up on the cutting room floor (or a marketing partner dried up). I want more war stories, not what ends up happening. Still, I’d recommend you see it, just to see your favorite Manhattan locations people-less and with weeds growing around it.

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No Responses to “I Am Kinda Legend”

  1. Battlestar Tiffactica says:

    Just got back from “The Mist”….boy am I glad they started playing “Gone Baby Gone” at first and then gave everyone passes as we walked out to compensate for the mistake. I would need Marcia’s head to truly be compensated. On the bright side, I hadn’t had such a strong reaction to a character in a long time, even if that reaction was really, really bad. Thanks for the warning, I’ll listen next time.

    Kinda wish you liked “Legend” more. Rommel keeps saying “the movie about John Legend, right?” and it still cracks me up.

  2. Eros Welker says:

    You should have seen Legend instead.  I wouldn’t recommend The Mist to my worst enemies, but I’d recommend “I Am Legend” to friends… but you need to like Will Smith, or you’ll hate every minute of it.  You also need to be a fan of NYC, because again, it’s in-cre-heeb-lay what they did there.  Too bad the digit-y stuff was so digit-y.

  3. cybergosh says:

    What did you think was too digity?  I thought the digital characters in this were pretty good actually.

  4. mdhuff says:

    I agree w Eros about the digi characters.  The empty NYC is INCREDIBLE digital stuff.  But for me, the mutants did have that springy bounce, that Spider-Man “I weigh nothing and have no bones” look.