Speed Racer


I have decided I love this:

For all the wrong reasons.


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  1. Eros Welker says:

    I love what Linda Wachowski is up to these days and I can’t wait to play the video game that this is advertising.

  2. DougGold says:

    My guess is that this movie will bomb, but years later it’ll be a cult classic.  Or at least Entertainment Weekly will refer to it as such in 5 years.

  3. Junktape says:

    Everything about this movie seems so wrong it has to be some demented sense of right.  It’s the new Showgirls.  If it was directed by the guy who made Ultraviolet I’d be even more excited.

    Actually I love V for Vendetta more with every viewing so who knows.  I like the Wachowskis a hell of a lot more than most of these tea-baggin jock-nerds. 

    Directors like McG and Michael Bay are a new breed of Jock DNA spliced with Nerds.  It’s a weird mix.  I think Cameron is the leader of their gang and they all wanna be like him.  Cue Stan Winston, riding a harley with a cigar hanging from his mouth.

  4. cybergosh says:


  5. Fat Ass says:

    I think this movie will make $130 million, which is around what Matrix 3 made and around what Golden Compass will make and is considered the new bomb number. I think WB will spend tons and tons and tons marketing it, and the fact that it looks like the movie will induce a teeth-grinding headache will just make the marketing counterintuitive.

    I have no idea what to expect from the actual film, since I’ve loved or hated the Wachowski’s films, with nothing inbetween. I loved Bound and the Matrix, and I’ve hated just about everything else. V for Vendetta was just fine, but it wasn’t all theirs. Didn’t see this Nicole Kidman body snatchers movie that was half theirs.

    You gotta hand it to them, though– I can’t think of any other franchise that had an A to F drop in quality in the span of just one movie, like The Matrix to The Matrix Revolutions. Superman II to III was pretty remarkable, as was Ocean’s 11 to 12. Most films, like the Jurassic Park series, take one little stumble in a half-decent movie before becoming absolute garbage. I did hate Shrek 2 enough to not even see Shrek 3, though. And I loved the first one.

  6. Saviorite says:

    Gotta say…I’m disappointed.

    This coming from someone who LOVED Speed Racer.  As a kid, I would struggle to watch this cartoon after school on some UHF channel that barely came in.

    For starters, I don’t get the color scheme or the backgrounds.  It’s not a “Dick Tracy” comic book.  With the exception of a shot or two, I cannot see how this visual style emulates the series. 

    What the hell is this style based on?  What reference?


  7. mdhuff says:

    I don’t like it.  It looks like crack cheese.  Spencer would have killed this movie without actually killing it.  I’ll give it a chance, but for me, it’s a frozen poop treat.