Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Sound


One of the most incredible things about last weekend that will never happen again was being part of the wonderful discovery of the sheer amount of epicness contained within The Scott Pilgrim Experience. To sit there in a crowd and be part of the cheering and clapping, which would increase with every evil ex until, upon reaching the 7th and final round, becoming the best single audience for a film in your time here on Earth. And while this film will live on and its cult status will only grow, we’ll never have that first weekend of meeting these characters, together, for the first time.

Last night I enjoyed the film for my fifth time, my first without a crowd. And while this was a new and less enthusiastic experience, it wasn’t without its positives. This was the first time I was able to appreciate the art of the film’s sound design. So many subtle aspects avoided my earholes until last night – where I was able to appreciate every tiny low feedback, blip and swish. Somehow this film gets better with every “continue.”

Check out this awesome featurette on the film’s sound, where the London based sound team share their stories about bringing to life the comic book pages of this alternative universe. Featured is Re-recording Mixer Chris Burdon, Re-recording Mixer Doug Cooper, and Supervising Sound Editor Julian Slater.

Head over to iTunes for my The Scott Pilgrim Experience playlist, an essential element for replaying the film in your head when you cannot be inside of a theater experiencing it.

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