The best part of I Am Legend IMAX is that, I believe, they’ve attached the first 6-minutes of Batman: The Dark Knight, which introduces the Joker, as well as a quick montage of clips from the movie itself. The short itself is good, and follows a robbery by Joker’s gang. I enjoyed the concept and most of the execution, but with the exception of William Fichtner as a banker, I found the dialog and performances of the other “clowns” a little weak. Not too weak, mind you, but not as solid as I had hoped. And the Heath Ledger “Joker” reveal was odd, it seemed dark and grainy as if it were shot six months earlier. But I liked it, and it ends well as a self-contained short and psychs me up for what I think will be my favorite movie of next summer (sorry Indy).

The montage of scenes is awesome though, with that pounding Batman Begins score which I really dig. Nolan has a real hard-on for the Batbike though, and in the end, I probably got 5 or 6 chills around this preview. Yet another reason to see I Am Legend in IMAX, I suppose!

By E-G 421