The Dark Knight Excites!

The best part of I Am Legend IMAX is that, I believe, they’ve attached the first 6-minutes of Batman: The Dark Knight, which introduces the Joker, as well as a quick montage of clips from the movie itself. The short itself is good, and follows a robbery by Joker’s gang. I enjoyed the concept and most of the execution, but with the exception of William Fichtner as a banker, I found the dialog and performances of the other “clowns” a little weak. Not too weak, mind you, but not as solid as I had hoped. And the Heath Ledger “Joker” reveal was odd, it seemed dark and grainy as if it were shot six months earlier. But I liked it, and it ends well as a self-contained short and psychs me up for what I think will be my favorite movie of next summer (sorry Indy).

The montage of scenes is awesome though, with that pounding Batman Begins score which I really dig. Nolan has a real hard-on for the Batbike though, and in the end, I probably got 5 or 6 chills around this preview. Yet another reason to see I Am Legend in IMAX, I suppose!

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  1. Fat Ass says:

    There have been, what, three new posters in the last 24 hours? And now this site that will host the trailer on Sunday, which I just saw all grainy on YouTube.

    Gotta say, The Dark Knight marketing has been pitch-perfect for me every step of the way. I didn’t like the casting of Heath Ledger until I saw him, but now I’m just drooling for this movie. It almost feels too good to be true. It’s hard to compare this to Indy and say which I’m more looking forward to– Indy feels more like a weird dream than a reality at this point, where I’m sitting outside my body and trying to convince myself there’s a new Indy movie coming. I felt the same way about Star Wars Episode I. Which is… ominous.

    But hot damn, I’m looking forward to every little moment of The Dark Knight to come. What’s nice is that they feel free, like they don’t owe me anything, but I’ll be happy and surprised if it’s good. Indiana Jones feels really burdened by anticipation and aaaaaaggggggeeeee.

    And yep, from the grainy footage, batbike looks silly. Like, “oh, crap,” we wrote this cool script for this sadistic crime drama and we forgot we have to sell toys!!!

  2. cybergosh says:

    Really?  REALLY??

    Man, i am gonna have to really start taking the fish oil and booting my Omega 3’s – because i feel like my brain chemicals are sliding more and more out of whack when i hear you guys talking like this.

    I feel – and i swear i am being 100% honest –

    i feel like.  If i were to go.  To the nearest Six Flags.  With a camcorder.  And tape their Batman stuntshow.  And watch it.  It would be ten times better.  Them anything in this trailer.  Or Batman Begins for that matter.

    I mean, the TONE is just all wrong.  You guys read The Dark Knight graphic novel.  C’mon! 

    Listen – i know i’ll always be partial to Burton’s take – but it DOES NOT mean i am not open to another.  I am!  But this, to me, is worse than Shumacher!  It’s just boring, flat, uninspired and really un-entertaining.  And Heath left out the last R because he just looks like a goddamned JOKE. 

    And just when i thought Holmes was the low point of this whole mess, they have the BEAUTIFUL and ENCHANTING Maggie Gyllenhaal.  Instead of casting her in this they really need to be giving her a starring role in her biopic about how she went from cute teen to ugly, mildedly retarded grandma in the span of three years.  I say it’s high time we shift our cultural concern over Amy Winehouse’s health to the under-the-radar Maggie G’s well-being.  I mean, this pysical de-evolution is surely from chasing the dragon one too many times.

    I look at her face and it makes me wish i had a little bomb-shelteresque compartment for the BergJohnson so i can hide it and keep it safe. It gets so sad when it sees her in this movie.  It gets so very, very sad.

  3. cybergosh says:

    OK – having just seen this 5 minute Joker robbery sequence in FULL IMAX, i have to admit my can’t wait meter has been raised.  I have a little more hope.  At the very least, this will most-likely be better than Nolan’s first go at this world.  I’m still not convinced about Heath though.

  4. Eros Welker says:

    IMAX makes everything bettah!!  I still haven’t seen the other Dark Knight trailer.  I wonder if I should?  Time to bash National Treasure 2…