Indiana Freakin’ Jonesness!



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  1. cybergosh says:


    Indiana Jones and the Return of The Struzan!!

  2. Junktape says:

    This is cool, right?  Is this cool? 

    I don’t know how to feel!!!!!!

    I try to go by gut reaction but my gut reaction is to turn away, like almost seeing someone get hit by a car.  I can’t look…

    …but I have to.

    Oh, and my gut also ABSOLUTELY LOVES that Struzan is back.  I hope he starts doing more posters.  We need a revival of his style.

  3. Fat Ass says:

    This, in and of itself, and apart from anything else, individual of what may come, is absolutely cool.

    So enjoy it now, dammit. This is the glorytime.

  4. Fat Ass says:

    Hey– anyone notice the poofed out the font of “Indiana Jones” in the logo a little?

    Or am I crazy?

  5. DougGold says:

    Oh my God, Indiana-Jones-of-20-Years-Ago, run!! There’s a giant glowing skull-thing behind you!  Don’t stand there without emotion, run!!

  6. Eros Welker says:

    That was me with the double-post.  My email server hiccuped, otherwise I would have won!!

    I’m not going to be jaded and angry, I like this.  Sure, he looks old.  This is no Raiders.  But that’s okay, they can’t make movies like that anymore.  But okay, it looks like Temple of Doom, and even as a kid, I didn’t love Temple of Doom half as much as I loved Raiders, so should I be worried? It still is cool cause it’s Indy but, oh, ah, huh, wha…

    I sound like Berg, oh god, I’m going to go whack off to the Happy Working Song.

  7. cybergosh says:

    How did you know that i – ??

    How did you know?

    How does she know…you love her?  How does she knowwwwww you care?…

  8. cybergosh says:

    What do you all think of the pumpkiny, alieny little thing within the nose?!

  9. Fat Ass says:

    I think you’re the only one who can see it…

    and it’s watching you.

  10. mdhuff says:

    My idea for Indy 4 was Indy meets-fights aliens.  Indiana Jones and Area 41.  It’s corny, but I don’t care.  Nazis race for alien tech, or something like that.  That way, Spielberg could combine his two strong suits, aliens and Indy.  ‘Twas a dream I had.  So I’m going to pretend that the crystal skull is from the aliens.  And in fact, maybe it’s true, maybe Berg just discovered something.  I’m going to pretend he did.

  11. Junktape says:

    correct me if I’m wrong but I believe the plot DOES revolve around the skull having alien origins.  Yes?

  12. Fat Ass says:

    Of all the spoiler crap I know and wish I didn’t, none of it has anything to do with the actual crystal skulls. I looked them up on wikipedia and there was some hint of that in the lore, but I dunno if it’s part of this movie.

    Nobody answered me, and it’s the kind of thing I dwell on– that logo font is a bit poofy, right?

  13. Junktape says:

    It is poofy, especially if you compare it to the classic logo.  It is also a lighter shade of orange.  Proving once again that Spielberg and Lucas love to tweak everything, whether they should or not.  I noticed it too and I hate it.  In the darkest fan boy corners of my heart, I fucking hate it.

  14. Dark Fats says:

    Yesss, Junky. I can feel your hatred. Let go of that unsinkable attitude and come to the land of misery. Your misery will always have company.

  15. cybergosh says:

    Matthor, if that was really your thought that’s amazing.  I was TRYING to stay spoiler free for those who didn’t know the rumors when i wrote my comments about the nose.

    But don’t worry – there is MORE to it than just that- and if it’s true – i think it’s the coolest thing ever.

    Also – the title font doesn’t bother me at all. There is another INDY movie in existence!!!!!????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And Marion is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

    How is this not making everyone who is taking anti-depressants go off of them immediately!?!?!?!

  16. cybergosh says:

    Also – besides the little alien, besides the font of the title,

    Did anyone notice how BIG the DREW signature is?  In the old days you would hardly notice it. He would work it into the art, almost camouflaged amongst its surroundings.  It’s like he has low self-struzan or something these days.