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Greig Fraser’s Cinematic Mastery in ‘Dune: Part Two’

In a fortuitous encounter at a barbecue hosted by Roger and James Deakins, cinematographer Greig Fraser met director Denis Villeneuve, leading to their collaboration on the film adaptation of “Dune.” Fraser, known for his work on “Star Wars,” was concerned about his previous cinematography influencing his approach to “Dune.” However, he aimed to create a distinct visual look for the film, even shooting black-and-white scenes to reflect the in-universe characteristic of Giedi

Nicolas Cage Confirmed for Amazon’s Spider-Man Noir Series

Nicolas Cage is set to reprise his role as Spider-Man Noir in a live-action series for Amazon Prime Video. The series, set in an alternate 1930s New York, will explore the dark and gritty world of the older and battle-hardened vigilante. Cage’s return to the noir-inspired character, which he originally voiced in “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,” promises to bring a unique blend of pathos, pain, and heart to the role. With a talented

Amazon Prime Video’s ‘Tomb Raider’ Series: Phoebe Waller-Bridge to Write

Amazon has announced that they have commissioned a new Tomb Raider TV series for their streaming platform, Prime Video. The series will be written and produced by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, known for her work on the critically acclaimed series Fleabag. This project is part of a collaboration between Amazon, MGM Studios, and game developer Crystal Dynamics, which also includes an upcoming single-player game featuring Lara Croft. The partnership aims to create immersive worlds for fans by combining gaming technology with storytelling. This announcement

NECA Releases Krampus Action Figures This Fall!

NECA is set to release action figures based on Michael Dougherty’s movie ‘Krampus’, featuring the iconic character Krampus and his minion Der Klown. These highly anticipated figures are expected to elevate holiday horror displays to a new level. The Krampus action figure comes with multiple accessories and interchangeable parts, including tongues and trinket accessories, while Der Klown includes different mouths and victim parts. These collectible figures are designed for horror enthusiasts and are priced at a premium. NECA has hinted

Compete in Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition This July

Nintendo has announced “Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition,” a new game set to be released on the Switch on July 18, 2024. The game features 13 classic NES games with over 150 speedrunning challenges, catering to both experienced gamers and newcomers. The competitive nature of the game is complemented by online leaderboards and local multiplayer options for up to eight players. The trailer for the game invokes nostalgia, showcasing historical moments from past Nintendo World Championships. Each challenge in the game is

Explore Warner Bros.’ Exciting LOTR Anime and First DC Title

Warner Bros. is set to showcase its new anime movie, “The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim,” and offer an extended look at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival in June. The festival will also feature a making-of session for “Creature Commandos,” the first DC Universe title by James Gunn, as well as panels on “The Amazing World of Gumball” and a premiere of “The Day the Earth Blew Up: A Looney T

Sony Appoints Hideaki Nishino, Hermen Hulst as New PlayStation CEOs

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced the appointment of Hideaki Nishino and Hermen Hulst as co-CEOs, taking over from former head Jim Ryan. The change in leadership will take effect on June 1, 2024, with Nishino leading the Platform Business Group and Hulst heading the Studio Business Group. Nishino will focus on PlayStation hardware, technology, services, and third-party relations, while Hulst will oversee content development and expansion into other media such


New Doom Game Hinted by Bethesda’s ‘IDKFA’ Trademark Filing

Speculation is mounting within the gaming community as rumors of a new Doom game circulate. The excitement stems from a recent trademark filing by ZeniMax Media, the parent company of Doom’s developer, for “IDKFA,” a beloved cheat code from the original 1993 shooter. This has ignited hope among fans for a potential new chapter in the iconic Doom franchise. Adding fuel to the fire is Microsoft’s upcoming games showcase on June 9, where a Doom-related announcement could be made.

Multiversus Joker

Joker Joins MultiVersus: Exclusive Gameplay and Mark Hamill’s Voice

Last week, the iconic DC villain The Joker, distinctively voiced by Mark Hamill, was announced as the latest addition to the roster of fighters in the game MultiVersus, generating excitement among fans. The initial revelation was purely for show, but a new trailer has now been released, giving players a glimpse of what they can expect from The Joker’s in-game presence. The trailer showcases The Joker in the chaotic combat of MultiVersus, armed with his signature gadgets and maniacal combat style

Fede Alvarez’s ‘Alien: Romulus’ Promises Giger’s Truest Xenomorph Yet

“Alien: Romulus,” directed by Fede Alvarez, is set to premiere in theaters on August 16, promising a terrifying addition to the “Alien” franchise. The film pays homage to H.R. Giger’s original work by closely honoring his Xenomorph design. “Entertainment Weekly” has released two gripping images that offer a sneak peek into the upcoming horror. The first image showcases the Xenomorph, with Alvarez assuring that its design remains faithful to Giger’s

Jeff Bridges Leads Stellar Cast in Jim Henson’s Grendel

The Jim Henson Company is set to produce a live-action film of the novel “Grendel” by John Gardner, which retells the story of Beowulf from the perspective of the monster Grendel. The film will feature practical effects by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop and will be directed by Robert D. Krzykowski. The cast includes Jeff Bridges as Grendel, Dave Bautista as Beowulf, and Bryan Cranston as King Hrothgar. With

Lord of the Rings

Expanding Middle-Earth: New LOTR Films and Future Video Game Plans

The article discusses the upcoming release of a new live-action Lord of the Rings (LOTR) film titled “The Hunt For Gollum,” directed by Andy Serkis, who also reprises his role as Gollum. It also highlights the increasing importance of LOTR video games in the future of Middle-earth entertainment. Embracer Freemode CEO Lee Guinchard emphasizes the significance of these games, stating that they will explore the fully fleshed-out world created by J.R.R.

Tiana's Bayou Adventure

Experience Tiana’s Bayou Adventure at Disney World June 2024!

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, a new ride based on “The Princess and the Frog,” is set to debut at Walt Disney World on June 28, 2024. The ride will feature original characters and voice actors from the movie, as well as introduce new characters and music. Guests can expect an immersive experience with Audio-Animatronics figures and New Orleans-inspired artwork and music. The iconic 50-foot drop from the previous Splash Mountain will also be retained. Some select groups may even

Ernie Hudson Teases Winston Spin-Off From “Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire”

Ernie Hudson, known for his role as Winston Zeddemore in the Ghostbusters films, has proposed an intriguing spin-off project centered around his character. Hudson’s concept delves into the deeper connection between the ghostly realm and human emotions, questioning the nature of ghosts and their impact on society. Inspired by his own family’s ghostly beliefs, Hudson envisions a story where negative spirits exacerbate violence in a city, raising questions about whether all ghosts should be captured or if some might be


Explore Necrophosis Demo: Surreal Horror Awaits on Steam Now

Dragonis Games has released a demo for their highly anticipated horror game “Necrophosis” on Steam, giving players a taste of the game’s eerie and decaying universe. Inspired by the works of artist Zdzisław Beksiński, the game offers a non-linear narrative filled with Lovecraftian elements, challenging puzzles, and a surreal atmosphere. The demo allows players to explore a world billions of years after the universe’s end, where death itself may meet its demise. With its

Batman: Arkham Shadow – The Ultimate VR Game Revealed!

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Comics have announced a new Batman game called Batman: Arkham Shadow, which will be released exclusively on the Meta Quest 3 platform later this year. The game will feature a new storyline with Batman facing off against iconic villains in a “darker and more grounded” take on the character. Players will be able to explore a new open-world Gotham City and take on missions to uncover a conspiracy that threatens the city. This new VR game, developed by Camoufl

Twisters Movie: A Wild Tornado Chase with a Cowboy Twist

“Twisters” is a highly anticipated tornado-themed movie that aims to capture the nostalgia and excitement of the 90s film “Twister.” Directed by Lee Isaac Chung and written by Mark L. Smith, the film follows the story of Kate, a smart city girl who believes she has a method to disrupt tornadoes after a previous failure. She is given another chance by Tyler Owens, a traditional tornado chaser. The movie promises a mix of old-fashioned and high-tech storm chasing, with a

Roger Corman: Celebrating a Filmmaking Icon’s Remarkable Journey

Renowned filmmaker Roger Corman, a pioneer in independent cinema and a monumental figure in the world of film, has died at the age of 98. Corman’s extensive career spanned various genres and left an indelible mark on Hollywood. He was honored with a lifetime achievement Academy Award in 2009 for his contributions. Corman’s legacy extends beyond his influence on horror films to his mentorship and guidance of countless individuals in the industry. His impact on generations of viewers and creators is

The Boys Season 4 Trailer Reveals High Stakes Chaos

The article discusses the release of the trailer for Season 4 of Prime Video’s “The Boys” and provides a glimpse into what fans can expect from the upcoming season. It highlights the escalating tensions and power struggles among the characters, particularly Homelander and Butcher, as they face personal losses and the looming threat of a world catastrophe. The article emphasizes the anticipation and excitement among fans for the new season, with weekly releases of the eight-episode saga. It also acknowledges the stellar cast and the