Elle Fanning Takes Villainous Turn in Predator Universe’s ‘Badlands’


– Elle Fanning is in discussions to star in “Badlands,” a new movie within The Predator universe directed by Dan Trachtenberg, who also directed the successful film “Prey.”
– Fanning, recognized for her role in “The Great” and her work in film, including “Maleficent” and “Super 8,” joins a Predator franchise that includes multiple movies and potential new projects in development.

Elle Fanning, the versatile actress recently applauded for her role in “The Great,” is poised to explore new cinematic horizons by entering discussions to join the cast of “Badlands.” This forthcoming feature expands the lore of the merciless extraterrestrial hunters known as Predators, a narrative arc first brought to screen in the 1987 science fiction action movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. “Badlands” is set to be the latest entry in this enduring saga, promising to capture the menacing allure of this iconic universe.

The movie “Badlands” is helmed by Dan Trachtenberg, who previously breathed new life into the Predator legacy with the film “Prey.” Set in the year 1719, “Prey” established its footing as a formidable chapter in the long-standing franchise by centering on a young Comanche woman’s fierce confrontation with the alien creature. Amber Midthunder’s performance in “Prey” earned critical praise, helping the film shatter Hulu’s records for the most-watched premiere for an original movie or TV show.

Collaborating once more with “Prey” writer Patrick Aison, Dan Trachtenberg has co-conceived the storyline for “Badlands,” with Aison tasked with transforming their vision into a compelling screenplay. Inside sources have uncovered plans by 20th Century to nurture a suite of Predator-themed projects, positioning Trachtenberg as the linchpin in an expanding narrative universe. However, the studio behind this initiative has chosen to keep their detailed strategies under wraps, offering no official statements on their intentions.

The Predator series has enjoyed a storied history, with sequels and spin-offs that have continually broadened its reach. Starting with the Spielberg-produced “Predator 2” and moving through various other interpretations, including a 2010 reboot and “Predators” in 2018, the franchise has delved into crossover territory by merging its characters with the chilling xenomorphs from the “Alien” films. Fans have reveled in the strategic, violent confrontations across different timelines and settings, eagerly anticipating each new installment.

Details on “Badlands” are closely guarded, creating an air of mystery and excitement. Rumors indicate that unlike “Prey,” which explored the Predator’s origins in a historical setting, this project is slated to venture into an unspecified future era. Speculation is rife over whether this new film will pursue a theatrical release or opt for a straight-to-streaming route akin to its predecessor.

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Elle Fanning’s involvement in “Badlands” signifies yet another bold step in the actress’s already impressive career. Following her nominations for an Emmy and three Golden Globe awards for her portrayal in “The Great,” she remains etched in the public’s memory for enchanting turns in Disney’s “Maleficent” series and J.J. Abrams’ “Super 8.” With a talent agency ensemble comprising UTA, The Framework Collective, and Hansen Jacobson endorsing her, Fanning’s addition to “Badlands” promises to inject a fresh dynamic into the enduring Predator franchise.

The evolution of the Predator series, with its rich chronicles of interspecies combat and survival, continues to enthrall audiences worldwide. Elle Fanning’s expected pivot from ‘great’ to ‘bad’ in this newest expansion, “Badlands,” is set to add another layer of depth to the enigmatic universe first imagined over three decades ago. As fans and the industry alike await further details, the potential for “Badlands” to redefine sci-fi action thrills looms large, with the anticipation for its release building with each whisper of its development.


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