From ‘Prey’ to ‘Badlands’: Trachtenberg’s Vision Expands the Predator Saga


The Predator franchise is poised to expand its horizons once more under the visionary helm of Dan Trachtenberg. Known for his adept storytelling and innovative direction in “Prey,” a prequel that not only redefined the contours of the series but also garnered him an Emmy nomination, Trachtenberg is now steering the ship towards a new destination with “Badlands.” Unlike the lush jungles of Central America or the stark wilderness of the early 18th century North America depicted in previous installments, “Badlands” promises to carve out its own legacy within the Predator universe.

The upcoming “Badlands” is not a direct sequel to “Prey” but an entirely original narrative set in a future timeline of the Predator universe, further expanding the franchise’s scope beyond the established lore. While details about the plot remain closely guarded, it’s been disclosed that the film will feature a female protagonist, reminiscent of “Prey’s” Naru, portrayed by Amber Midthunder, who battles a highly evolved Predator in an epic struggle for survival. This choice suggests a continuing trend towards strong, central female characters within the franchise, signifying a fresh perspective on the Predator’s encounters with humanity​​.

Trachtenberg’s collaboration with Patrick Aison, who penned the script for “Prey,” on “Badlands” signals a reunion of creative minds that have previously succeeded in breathing new life into the storied franchise. Their partnership is a beacon of hope for fans eager to see how their combined talents will further develop the Predator’s mythos. The anticipation surrounding “Badlands” is not just about the expansion of its universe but also about the potential innovation in storytelling and cinematic experience, much like what was achieved with “Prey,” which became Hulu’s most-watched premiere ever​​​​.

Trachtenberg’s involvement in “Badlands” is a continuation of his journey within the franchise, marking another chapter in his career that spans various critically acclaimed projects, including “10 Cloverfield Lane” and episodes of “Black Mirror” and “The Boys.” His unique vision for “Prey” has set a high bar for “Badlands,” with expectations for a film that not only honors the Predator legacy but also pushes it into new, uncharted territories​​.

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