The Thing: Remastered Announced for Modern Consoles & PC


– Nightdive Studios is remastering the classic survival horror game “The Thing,” which will be released on modern platforms including PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch later this year.
– The remastered version, “The Thing: Remastered,” will feature enhanced graphics and performance, including 4K resolution at 120FPS, updated character models, and improved lighting and atmospheric effects, developed using Nightdive’s KEX Engine.

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There’s an unmistakable thrill pulsating through the horror gaming community as an announcement from Nightdive Studios shatters the prolonged silence left by a desired, but unmaterialized, sequel to the 2002 video game adaptation of “The Thing”. The developers at Nightdive, in collaboration with Universal Products & Experiences, have revealed that they are breathing new life into the revered title by launching “The Thing: Remastered”. This modern enhancement of the game is set to grace digital shelves on PC via Steam, as well as making a formidable presence on current-generation consoles, including the PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and the Nintendo Switch later this year.

What “The Thing: Remastered” promises is not merely a nostalgic jaunt, but a comprehensive upgrade that aligns the early 2000s classic with contemporary gaming sensibilities. Thanks to the strides made possible by their proprietary KEX Engine, Nightdive is set to deliver an experience with stunning 4K graphics at a unwavering 120FPS. The remastering process does not stop at visual fidelity; it encompasses a profound reimagining, with truly enlivened character models, textures, and animations all benefitting from the advancements in 3D rendering, which includes a fresh take on lighting and atmospheric effects that are likely to intensify the chilling ambiance of the game.

The enthusiasm from Nightdive Studios is palpable, with Larry Kuperman, the company’s Director of Business Development, expressing a deep reverence for the legacy that the 1982 film “The Thing” established. The film, directed by John Carpenter, has long been heralded as a hallmark of the horror genre, and by extension, the video game adaptation by Computer Artworks has carried that mantle forward, threading new layers into the fabric of its story. With this remaster, Nightdive aims to both honor and heighten the original game’s immersive and terrifying narrative.

The game itself, for those unfamiliar or perhaps looking to revisit the nightmare, picks up the harrowing tale in the aftermath of the film’s chilling conclusion. Players embody Captain J.F. Blake, leading a U.S. Army Special Forces rescue team tasked with the investigation of the abandoned U.S. Outpost 31. The alien horror is not the only obstacle, as the hostile and treacherous Antarctic environment encloses around Blake and his team, challenging their sanity and trust in one another.

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Survival in “The Thing: Remastered” is as much about maintaining the cohesion and morale of Blake’s squad as it is about the physical conflict with the alien menace. Strategic gameplay will thus require players to manage the complex dynamics of fear and paranoia among the team members, ensuring that these human vulnerabilities do not catalyze their demise.

“The Thing”, in both film and its video game counterpart, has made a compelling argument about the enduring importance of trust and the psychology of fear in dire circumstances. As Nightdive Studios sets the stage for the game’s return, fans and newcomers alike can anticipate experiencing these themes with a fresh perspective, reinforced by spectacular technological updates.

This revitalization of a beloved game invokes enthusiasm across generations when considering the delicate balance of maintaining the primal essence of the original work while providing an experience that satisfies the advanced appetites of modern audiences. The anticipation builds as players eagerly await their return to the frozen, distrustful corridors of Outpost 31 in a remastered ordeal that’s sure to jolt and excite in equal measure.


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