HasLab Unveils Massive Mos Eisley Cantina Set for Star Wars Fans


– HasLab announced a large in-scale Mos Eisley cantina display for Star Wars action figures, notable for including figures of the previously off-limits Tonnika sisters.
– The set is available in a basic open diorama or a deluxe edition with an enclosing fourth wall, and can include additional figures through crowdfunding stretch goals.

HasLab Unveils Massive Mos Eisley Cantina Set for Star Wars Fans

To the Star Wars affectionados and figurine connoisseurs, the unveiling of HasLab’s new Mos Eisley cantina display is an occurrence of galactic significance. Spread over an extensive 32 by 19 inches of expertly crafted terrain, every detail is positioned to ignite memories of the iconic location from the cherished film series. However, for those who have vigilantly sowed the seeds of their collections over many years, there’s an additional scoop of excitement—a denouement that involves the once-elusive Tonnika sisters.

For some time, aficionados had been led to believe that the Tonnika siblings were a forbidden fruit within the realm of Star Wars action figures. These characters, twin sisters who made a brief yet lasting impression in the inaugural 1977 film, had remained out of bounds, supposedly due to an absence of likeness rights from the original actors. In a universe where female representation was scarce, this omission was felt keenly among the community.

Emerging from the wistful echoes of collectors’ desires are Brea and Senni Tonnika. These figures, which come on exclusive cards hinting at their subsequent wider release, appease the long-standing void. Satisfying this collector’s corner is a coup for Hasbro, a nod to the tenure and commitment of its most devoted supporters.

The Mos Eisley cantina display itself is tailored for visual prominence. It comes in two variations: a diorama-style setup that strips away barriers for an unobstructed view of the interstellar activity within and, for an added financial stretch, a deluxe edition boasting an enclosing fourth wall. Admittedly, the absence of both a roof—which grants a top-down perspective—and a floor presents a slight point of contention.

Hasbro raises the anticipation with its stretch goal tiers for the project. These tiers could potentially usher in a suite of newly minted figures, including the bounty hunter Greedo and other obscure patrons of the Cantina complex. Fans take particular interest in the inclusion of Arleil Schous, the “wolfman” who bears the mark of film history, having been a point of contention for George Lucas and subsequently, a victim of the infamous Special Edition modifications.

The visual rhapsody extends to a cornucopia of illustrative photographs and marketing materials, serving to overwhelm potential backers with the sheer magnitude of the offering. With 8,000 backers needed to bring this dream to reality, the next 30 days will determine if the Mos Eisley cantina will materialize in the collections of enthusiasts, who will unfailingly evaluate if 0 for the basic set and 0 for the deluxe is the rightful toll for ownership.

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The campaign speaks volumes about the affinity and lore surrounding the Star Wars universe, as well as the unyielding passion of its fanbase. Each pre-order, regardless of the success of the stretch goals, guarantees the inclusion of the Tonnika sisters along with Wuher the bartender—cherished tokens of an expansive science fiction chronicle that continues to inspire and unite generations of fans. This endeavor by HasLab underscores an abiding respect for the fervor of collectors, the nuances of nostalgia, and the ever-renewing spirit of the Star Wars franchise.


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