Horror Legend Tom Savini Joins ‘Terrifier 3’ Cast This October


– “Terrifier 3,” featuring the return of Art the Clown, is set for a theatrical release on October 11, 2024, with horror icon and special effects master Tom Savini confirmed to make an appearance.
– The film is directed by Damien Leone, produced by Dark Age Cinema, and will feature both new and returning cast members, including Lauren LaVera and wrestler Chris Jericho; it will later be available on all platforms, including the SCREAMBOX streaming service.

Horror Legend Tom Savini Joins ‘Terrifier 3’ Cast This October

The eagerly anticipated horror sequel “Terrifier 3” is slated to hit theaters on October 11, 2024, adding another chilling chapter to the venerable slasher series. As fans of the genre mark their calendars, Bloody Disgusting brings exciting news—the film will feature none other than horror icon Tom Savini. Known for his groundbreaking special makeup effects, Savini’s creative genius will be felt both behind the scenes and on screen in the Damien Leone-directed “Terrifier 3,” a collaboration between Cineverse and Bloody Disgusting.

Tom Savini’s legendary status in the horror community is unassailable; his innovative work has sent shivers down spines for decades. Having set a benchmark with his work in classics like the original “Friday the 13th,” along with “Dawn of the Dead” and “Day of the Dead,” his contributions have influenced countless films and artists, including Damien Leone himself. Savini’s distinctive blend of makeup and practical effects has brilliantly captured the visceral thrills that horror aficionados crave—giving life to the kind of macabre visuals that “Terrifier” films are celebrated for.

Apart from his mastery of special effects, Savini possesses a charismatic screen presence that has earned him memorable roles in films such as “Dawn of the Dead,” “From Dusk Till Dawn,” “Planet Terror,” and “Machete.” His participation in “Terrifier 3,” therefore, is a much-welcomed addition by fans and filmmakers alike, offering an exciting bridge between horror’s heritage and its future.

In “Terrifier 3,” chills are guaranteed for the residents of Miles County as Art the Clown, portrayed with sinister glee by David Howard Thornton, returns to wreak havoc under the cover of Christmas Eve. The unsettling juxtaposition of yuletide cheer with bone-chilling terror promises to deliver the kind of shocking thrills that have become synonymous with the series.

The film welcomes back a talented ensemble cast, including Lauren LaVera as Sienna, Samantha Scaffidi as Victoria Heyes, and Elliot Fullam as Jonathan Shaw, with wrestling superstar Chris Jericho stepping into the role of Burke. A noteworthy addition to the cast is Daniel Roebuck, set to make his debut as Santa Claus in what promises to offer a memorably twisted take on the beloved holiday figure.

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Damien Leone, who helms the project as both writer and director, collaborates with producer Phil Falcone to bring this horrifying tale to life under the banner of Dark Age Cinema Productions. The behind-the-scenes team is bolstered by a host of experienced producers and executive producers, including Lisa Falcone, the Leavy siblings, and representatives from Cineverse.

Following “Terrifier 3’s” theatrical run, Cineverse plans to extend the film’s reach across multiple platforms, ensuring fans everywhere can indulge in the terror from the comfort of their homes via its SCREAMBOX horror streaming service.

For those braving the spine-tingling allure of “Terrifier 3,” this sequel promises a synthesis of new blood and revered horror artistry. The intersection of Savini’s effect work with Damian Leone’s directorial vision heralds an experience that will resonate with genre enthusiasts and cinema goers, potentially etching this installment into horror history. Add to that the return of a tried and tested cast and the infusion of fresh talent, and you’ve got all the ingredients for a horror spectacle that will not only honor the legacy of its predecessors but also carve its own unforgettable niche.


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