Alan Wake 2 Review: An Evolution of Fear


Alan Wake 2 emerges as a haunting tapestry of narrative and gameplay innovation. Developed by Remedy Entertainment, this sequel to the 2010 original game is not just a continuation but a reimagining, a chiaroscuro of light and dark that challenges genre norms and player expectations.

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The game takes place in the eerie town of Bright Falls, Washington, and introduces a new character, FBI profiler Saga Anderson, alongside the series’ eponymous writer, Alan Wake. The dual narrative is a bold move, allowing players to engage with the story through two distinct lenses. Saga’s gameplay involves a “Mind Palace,” a mental corkboard where she pieces together clues to unravel a supernatural horror story penned by Alan Wake. This mechanic, which replaces the more combat-focused approach of the original, adds layers of engagement, making players active participants in the unfolding drama. Alan Wake, on the other hand, navigates a noir-esque “Dark Place,” wielding an “Angel Lamp” that manipulates the environment, a clever nod to Remedy’s previous game, Quantum Break. The lamp serves as a tool for puzzle-solving, a departure from the more straightforward combat of the original game.

However, as Remedy pushes the graphical envelope (the game looks great!), performance can sometimes suffer on less beefy machines. Expect to see some issues there, but nothing game stopping. Likewise, Alan Wake 2’s shift towards survival horror, while mostly successful, also comes with its own set of challenges. Ammo is scarce, and the flashlight, a staple in the Alan Wake series, no longer regenerates power over time. This creates a tension-filled atmosphere but can also lead to frustrating gameplay experiences, especially for those accustomed to a more action-oriented approach.

Alan Wake 2 leans heavily into narrative-driven gameplay, offering a more cerebral experience that differentiates it from the often action-heavy entries in the survival horror genre. The game also refines its storytelling mechanics, incorporating full-motion video and text logs to create a multi-layered narrative, a technique that has become a hallmark of Remedy’s game design.

In Alan Wake 2, the haunting legacy of Bright Falls is reinvigorated, masterfully balancing the essence of the original while introducing fresh narrative and gameplay elements. While the game occasionally falters in its quest for innovation, these are minor blemishes in an otherwise meticulously crafted tapestry of suspense and horror. For those who dare to step into its shadow-laden universe, the game serves as a riveting odyssey that pushes the boundaries of what a survival horror game can be.

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RATING: 4.5 out of 5.

Alan Wake 2 is available October 27th, 2023, for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series S/X.

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  1. FRMhndshk says:

    Alan Wake 2’s atmosphere was truly spooky and the story was so intriguing. However, I felt the controls were a bit clunky at times.

  2. doll champagne says:

    loved the evolution of fear concept

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