Capcom Rumored to Remake ‘Resident Evil Code: Veronica’


– Insider Dusk Golem has sparked rumors that Capcom is developing remakes for Resident Evil Zero and Resident Evil Code: Veronica, but suggests that Resident Evil 9’s announcement won’t happen this summer as previously speculated.
– Capcom remains silent on these rumors, while fans are hopeful for the remake of Code: Veronica, especially after a fan project was shut down by the developer.

Resident Evil Code Veronica

Whispers and conjecture have swirled around Capcom’s imminent projects, energizing the gamers’ community with hope and skepticism. Insider Dusk Golem has seemingly fanned the flames of speculation about the future of the esteemed survival horror franchise Resident Evil. The series has raised the bar for the genre, and with the brand’s 30th anniversary on the horizon, fans are hungry for any sliver of news.

Recent whisperings suggest that Capcom is not only revisiting its classic entries but also actively forging ahead with the next installment, Resident Evil 9. Dusk Golem, whose insights often carry hefty weight in gaming circles, has suggested that Resident Evil Zero and Resident Evil Code: Veronica remakes are already in Capcom’s pipeline. This revelation will likely be received warmly by franchise enthusiasts, particularly given that a previously fan-initiated remake of Code: Veronica was suppressed by Capcom, leaving an itch that only an official remake could scratch.

It’s worth noting that industry insiders, while sometimes privy to early or behind-the-scenes information, may not always have the full picture. Their leaks can act as double-edged swords, sparking excitement that may result in eventual disappointment if things don’t pan out as teased. Dusk Golem cautioned followers by debunking prior claims that a Resident Evil first installment remake was underway, labeling such talk as untrue. Furthermore, expectations for an early sneak peek at Resident Evil 9 during the summer have been coolly dashed with the revelation that the announcement could be pushed out farther than anticipated, potentially even hinting at a release target around 2026.

Capcom, for its part, has maintained a veil of secrecy, neither confirming nor denying the circulating rumors. Their strategic silence is nothing short of familiar, as the company traditionally holds its cards close to its chest, often until it’s ready to present a polished preview of its offerings. Hence, anything Resident Evil-related over the upcoming summer continues to remain a matter of conjecture.

Resident Evil Code: Veronica holds a special place in the series’ chronology, debuting in 2000 on the Sega Dreamcast with an improved version, Code: Veronica X, landing on the PlayStation 2 a year later. The game refined what fans adore about Resident Evil — the gripping horror, challenging puzzles, and a narrative that digs its claws in and refuses to let go. The prospect of revisiting this classic with today’s technological advancements could elevate the original experience to new, spine-chilling heights.

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It’s a curious and undoubtedly thrilling time to be a supporter of Resident Evil. As the community holds its breath for Capcom’s next moves, the anticipation builds upon a well-established foundation of gaming history and affection for the groundbreaking series. Whether or not the rumors result in genuine developments is a narrative yet to unfold. But one thing is particular: the legacy of Resident Evil continues to intrigue and inspire, echoing through the halls of gaming culture as it ventures into its next harrowing chapter.


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