Zach Cregger’s ‘Weapons’: New Horror Epic Set for 2026 Release


– “Weapons,” a new horror movie directed by Zach Cregger and produced by the same team behind “Barbarian,” is set to be released in theaters on January 16, 2026, by New Line Cinema and Warner Bros.
– The film features a multi-layered horror narrative and an ensemble cast including Josh Brolin, Julia Garner, Benedict Wong, and others, with plot details still under wraps but described as reminiscent of Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Magnolia.”

Zach Cregger

The cinematic landscape is poised for a thrilling addition as New Line Cinema, paired with the creative vision of director Zach Cregger, best known for his work on “Barbarian”, has announced the theatrical premiere of their chilling new venture, “Weapons”. The pulse-quickening release is scheduled to grip audiences in theaters starting January 16, 2026, under the Warner Bros. wing.

The silver screen awaits a blend of fresh and established talent, with a stellar lineup that has recently expanded. Esteemed actor Benedict Wong, admired for his role in “3 Body Problem”, will share the screen with Amy Madigan, whose performance in “Antlers” still echoes in viewers’ minds. They will be joined by Austin Abrams, known from the hit series “Euphoria”, and Cary Christopher, who made his mark through the daytime classic “Days of Our Lives”. This cadre of talent supplements a star-studded cast that leads with Josh Brolin of “Dune 2” fame, the captivating Julia Garner from “The Royal Hotel”, and Alden Ehrenreich, who enthralled audiences in “Cocaine Bear”. Together, they are set to navigate the murky waters of this enigmatic horror tale.

Zach Cregger not only helms the project as writer and director but also steps in as a producer, bringing together a formidable team that catalyzed the success of “Barbarian”. The ensemble includes prodigies of production like Roy Lee from Vertigo and the celebrated duo J.D. Lifshitz and Raphael Margules of BoulderLight Pictures. Pairing with them is Vertigo’s Miri Yoon, who brings her extensive producing experience to the table. This collective genius promises to forge a cinematic experience that is both haunting and memorable.

The plot, shrouded in secrecy, tantalizes with whispers of being a multilayered and interconnected horror epic. Its tonal ambition has been likened to “Magnolia”, Paul Thomas Anderson’s 1999 film that masterfully wove together the lives of its extensive ensemble cast. This resemblance suggests a narrative complexity and character depth that would entice any viewer hungry for a story that offers more than mere surface-level thrills.

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Beyond his directorial accomplishments, Zach Cregger’s multi-faceted career has seen him as a key member and writer for the acclaimed New York comedy troupe “The Whitest Kids U’Know”. His comedic prowess initially shone through on their IFC-TV and Fuse network sketch show. Additionally, his television credentials are studded with prominent roles on Jimmy Fallon’s “Guys with Kids”, the comedic adventure series “Wrecked” on TBS, and recurring appearances on NBC’s “About a Boy”.


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