The X-Wing Goes Shopping


EndorExpress.net reports in from Disneyland with an update on the revamped Star Traders gift shop…

“The Star Trader reopened on Friday May 6th with a brand new look! The X-Wing fighter that has hung from the upper floor of the old Starcade has been moved back into the store. Cast members say it was repainted by Lucasfilm to match exactly the props used in the movies…. The People Mover windows, that overlook the store, have a nice effect of Star Wars characters hurrying to their gates. Famous shadows include Darth Vader, Greedo and Rx-24 (Captain REX). There is also a hidden Boba Fett within the travelers as well as the shadow of the imagineer that painted the asteroids scene around the main store room. New ad signs have been added to give the store a feeling of a space port gift shop…. New lightening and paint has also been added to the old Star Tours exit store as well as the old display window has been opened up so guests can see inside the new store.”

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