The Fall Guy Review: A High-Flying Ode to Hollywood’s Unsung Heroes


The Fall Guy, directed by David Leitch, is an exuberant, high-flying romp that leans heavily into action, humor, and its star-studded cast. Headlined by Ryan Gosling as down-and-out stuntman Colt Seavers and Emily Blunt as his ex-flame, the film offers an energetic yet uneven homage to the unsung heroes of Hollywood: the stunt performers. It kicks off like a mix of action and romantic comedy, with Colt’s return to help his ex-girlfriend Jody (Blunt) on her directorial debut. However, things spiral into chaos when lead actor Tom Ryder (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) mysteriously vanishes, leaving Colt to hunt down the missing star while navigating the turmoil of his relationship with Jody.

The Fall Guy

David Leitch’s expertise as a former stuntman injects the action scenes with thrilling authenticity, providing impressive stunts like a record-breaking cannon roll and intense fight scenes that add flair. He finds a balance between exhilarating spectacle and comedic timing, though the narrative at times struggles to weave the romance and mystery elements seamlessly. Despite that, the natural chemistry between Gosling and Blunt keeps the banter lively and the stakes engaging​​.

The first hour rolls along smoothly, with Gosling capturing the essence of a burnt-out stuntman while leveraging his comedic timing. The humor shines especially in scenes where Colt’s worn-down demeanor plays against Blunt’s fiery Jody. However, as the story transitions to solving the mystery of Ryder’s disappearance, the pacing falters. The middle section sags before picking up steam again for an explosive finale. Leitch’s nods to the ‘80s TV show and Hollywood’s action-romance genre are evident in the needle drops, blending nostalgia with contemporary humor.

Supporting cast members Winston Duke and Hannah Waddingham, in particular, add flavor to the film’s humor, while Stephanie Hsu and Teresa Palmer don’t receive as much screen time as their talent deserves. Gosling remains the charismatic anchor throughout, using his star power to navigate through uneven story beats and bring the film home.

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In sum, The Fall Guy delivers on its promise of providing big action and good laughs, even if it takes a few detours along the way. Its faults are balanced by a dynamic pairing between Gosling and Blunt and a love letter to stunt professionals that doesn’t shy away from celebrating the craft. Ultimately, it’s a fun, if imperfect, action-comedy that aims to remind us of simpler blockbuster thrills.

RATING: 3.5 out of 5.0!

The Fall Guy is playing in theaters as of May 3rd, 2024.

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2 Responses

  1. KraigDut says:

    hated this. not funny at all

  2. Shadow Bishop says:

    an underrated gem that pays tribute. A must-watch for any film buff. Only wish it was a bit longer, felt it ended too soon.

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