Iron Man 2 Brings Sher-Man Magic!


Just a quick reaction to Iron Man 2…

Let’s find out what worked for me and what could have been more awesome…

What I Liked:

– Tony Stark’s father evoking Walt.

Stark Expo ‘s modern day World’s Fair awesomeness.

– The fact that Favs got Richard Sherman to recreate the kind of magic long gone in the form of “Make Way For Tomorrow Today” theme from Stark Expo. Where can I download this???!!! It is nowhere to be found!

– The retro Stark Expo clips.

– Mickey Rourke giving Iron Man a great villain (unlike the last go around. Sorry Flynn.)

– Sam Rockwell doing what he does best.

– Much better score than the original film.

– Shandling. Not as fun as I had hoped, but still nice to see him back.

– Nick Fury. I wish there was more of him!

– End of credits.

– Did I mention Stark Expo?! I wish it existed! I wanna go!!

– Drones vs. Iron Man & War Machine!

What I Didn’t Like:

– Drones vs. Iron Man & War Machine (I WANTED MORE!!)

– How quickly Stark figures things out with his father’s Expo layout.

– The demise of Rourke. Anti-climacitc.

– Favs as an actor. He works well in Made, but when behind the cam on a project this large he should concentrate on more important things (Gwenette’s acting, cooler action sequences for Scarlett than what’s given to her) than giving himself one more thing to worry about. I forgive him though, since he brought more Sherman magic into the world.

– Scar-Jo. She wasn’t terrible, but nothing special. Her ass-kicking moments seemed kinda forced and lame. It was like we were being told how awesome they were but not actually feeling it, ya know? When I was watching her in that white hallway in the end all i kept thinking about was how awesome Hit Girl is. Doesn’t this kind of seem lame in comparison?

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– Pepper Potts. She is horrible. Almost unwatchable. She was always horrible and she is more horrible than ever in this. Acting alongside Downey makes her seem all the more dreadful. She is out of her league. All her scenes are cringe worthy. I hope to hell that Pepper dies in part three, freeing Tony up and allowing him access into The Avengers.

Overall, although an awesome kick-off to summer movie season, it ain’t no Kick-Ass.


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1 Response

  1. Eros Welker says:

    I knew you’d love Stark Expo. To me, Stark Expo makes no sense. It’s supposed to be a place where the greatest minds show off their greatest achievements, but instead it’s like a MTV dance party with groupies who just want to bang Tony Stark. And you know me and logic… when it stops making sense, I don’t like it anymore.

    I also found it stupid that his father invented something only for his son to re-invent it years later, just when he really needed it. Laaaaame.