Underdog – Greatest Talking Dog Movie Ever!

If you haven’t seen Underdog, you haven’t lived life. I just caught this over the weekend, thanks to the beauty of Blu-ray, and am fully converted to never fearing. Maybe I’m blanking on other talking dog flicks, but who cares, Underdog was awesome.

First off, weird how Jason Lee is doing all these kids movies these days, eh? I guess that’s one way to balance the crass Kevin Smith stuff he does, but he’s a solid voice for our new live-action Underdog. I went into the flick with no expectations other than wanting to see a dog fly, but why I think this movie rules is what I didn’t expect. Spoilers abound so don’t read until you see:

— Peter Dinklage. Yes, a dwarven evil genius is infinitely better than a regular evil genius. He’s so perfectly cast in this film, and even more so, by the film’s end, he’s flying around and wielding a sword, amazing!

— Patrick Warburton sporting blond hair! As Dinklage’s goon, he delivers a hilarious performance with a whole slew of one liners or commentary, including my favorite when he’s pretending to be an old lady in trouble, “oh I’m an old lady, I mistook my window for a door!”

— Underdog himself. Love the little dog, love Jason Lee and love all the powers he has and how he wields them. Watching him do just about anything is a pleasure, and the whole movie is about him!

— Other bonuses include Jim Belushi, flying angry German Shepherds, a pretty cool Underdog song rendition and lots of awesome talking dogs.

I hope they make more… many many more.

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No Responses to “Underdog – Greatest Talking Dog Movie Ever!”

  1. Christa says:

    Dan wouldn’t go see this with me, curse him!!!  I need a happy fun-time movie.  Hope this is OnDemand when I get home… hint hint….

  2. junky says:

    bless you xbox360 and your downloadable HD movie rentals.  (wasn’t on demand but will soon be on da box)