XDefiant Preseason Launches May 21: Ubisoft’s FPS Ready to Roll


– Ubisoft’s XDefiant, a free-to-play first-person shooter, is set to release on May 21 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Ubisoft Connect; it will begin with a six-week preseason before entering a regular seasonal schedule, including multiple seasons already planned for Year 1.
– The preseason will offer free content including characters from various Ubisoft franchises such as Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon, The Division, Far Cry 6, and Watch Dogs 2, alongside multiple game modes and maps for players to enjoy.
– Rewards from previous test sessions of the game are to be accessible during the preseason, along with a new Ranked Mode Practice Playlist for 4v4 competitive matches.

XDefiant, Ubisoft’s latest entry into the world of online multiplayer battles, is all set to hit PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Ubisoft Connect on May 21. The release represents the beginning of the game’s preseason, a time when players can immerse themselves in the game and get a feel for the action before the start of the official first season. This timely announcement comes hot on the heels of several beta tests and a delay that pushed back the game’s release date last year.

Behind the scenes, Ubisoft has been hard at work preparing for this momentous launch. A post on the company’s blog sheds light on the team’s appreciation for those who participated in the Server Test Session and their anticipation for the forthcoming preseason. The duration of the preseason is set for six weeks, followed by Ubisoft’s regular seasonal calendar. The developer has already unveiled its roadmap for Year 1, laying out plans for the game’s first four seasons.

The XDefiant preseason promises a cornucopia of free content to entice gamers. Players can expect to see factions from iconic Ubisoft games, including Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon Phantoms, Far Cry 6, and Watch Dogs 2 make their appearance. However, note that the content from Watch Dogs 2 requires either unlocking or purchasing. On top of that, Ubisoft is satisfying cravings for variety with multiple maps and game modes, ranging from Domination to Zone Control, with the addition of a new Ranked Mode Practice Playlist for 4v4 competitive matches.

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It goes without saying, Ubisoft has pulled out all the stops to ensure an enriching gaming experience with XDefiant. It seems that the game mixes home-grown franchises with a modern style of first-person shooter gameplay that targets a broad expansion of gaming demographics. High stakes, strategy-rich battles married with an assortment of beloved Ubisoft characters could signal the ushering in of a new era in multiplayer combat games.


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