New Doom Game Hinted by Bethesda’s ‘IDKFA’ Trademark Filing


– Speculation about a new Doom game arises due to a trademark filing for “IDKFA,” a nod to a classic Doom cheat code, with possible hints of an announcement at Microsoft’s games showcase on June 9.
– The last major Doom release was Doom Eternal in 2020, and while other Bethesda studios have been downsized, id Software remains quiet about the future of Doom, leaving fans uncertain but hopeful.


The excitement within the gaming community has surged as whispers emerge about a possible new addition to the Doom franchise. This frenzy of speculation has been fueled by the discovery of a trademark application submitted by the parent company of the original Doom’s developer. ZeniMax Media, now owned by Microsoft, has applied to trademark “IDKFA,” an acronym deeply embedded in the hearts of Doom enthusiasts as the iconic cheat code from the 1993 classic shooter, which bestowed upon players a full arsenal of weapons, keys, and armor.

The implications of this filing are significant, igniting hope and anticipation among fans for what could potentially be another chapter in the storied Doom series. This sense of expectancy is bolstered by the timing of Microsoft’s forthcoming major games showcase on June 9, which promises to unveil an array of new titles for the Xbox platform. Coupled with this is evidence from leaked legal documents citing a project dubbed Doom: Year Zero. Although the exact nature of this project remains shrouded in mystery, its mention has done nothing but stoke the flames of curiosity among the gaming populace.

Industry pundits, including Tom Warren of The Verge, have been gently fanning these flames, hinting at the likelihood of a Doom-related announcement at the June exhibition. Observations from insiders at Eurogamer align with these murmurings, adding credence to the possibility of Doom making a grand re-entrance. Moreover, the last we saw of Doom was with the 2020 release of Doom Eternal and its subsequent expansions, suggesting that fans might be due for another heart-pounding, demon-slaying adventure.

However, recent developments within the Microsoft-Bethesda ecosystem cast a somewhat ominous shadow over this potential new project. Microsoft’s closure of studios such as Tango Gameworks and Arkane Austin raises questions about what fate may befall other Bethesda subsidiaries like id Software, which has been comparatively reticent about the future of Doom.

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With the gaming landscape constantly shifting, the direction of a new Doom game, if it comes to existence, remains an enthralling unknown. Will it maintain the purportedly leaked moniker, Doom: Year Zero? Can fans expect an evolution of the frenetic gameplay that has defined the series to date? The ongoing secrecy makes it wise to remain cautiously optimistic, recognizing that industry rumors can sometimes lead to mirages rather than oases.


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