The Future of ‘Foundation’: Season 3 Promises Galactic Intrigue and New Faces


As the galaxy of television sci-fi prepares to expand its horizon again, “Foundation,” Apple TV+’s acclaimed adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s legendary series, is confirmed to return for a riveting third season. This is a good sign of the show’s success and fan devotion, with the announcement arriving after the explosive finale of its second season on September 15, 2023​​. If you missed it, read our Foundation Season 2 review!

Apple’s decision to renew “Foundation” mirrors the series’ reception as a trailblazer in science fiction television. Lauded as “the gold standard for all science fiction programming,” the show has not only captivated audiences worldwide but has also maintained a remarkable Rotten Tomatoes score, evidencing its quality and appeal​​​​. The renewal follows a period of anticipation, with fans and creators alike eager to continue the journey through Asimov’s galaxy-spanning narrative.

The second season’s finale set a dramatic stage for the upcoming season, concluding with a significant time jump of 152 years and the shocking demise of several key characters, including the pivotal Salvor Hardin. This narrative leap aligns with the showrunners’ vision of “Foundation” as a sort of anthology, with each season presenting new challenges, alliances, and adversaries in a constantly evolving galactic landscape​​.

Season three promises to delve into the intriguing character of The Mule, first introduced in the second season, alongside a focus on the Mentallics and the conflict between the First and Second Foundation. While specific plot details remain closely guarded, this direction aligns with the source material’s chronology, particularly “Foundation and Empire,” the fourth book in Asimov’s series​​.

The third season will see the return of key cast members, including Jared Harris and Lou Llobell as Hari Seldon and Gaal Dornick, respectively. They are joined by other returning actors like Laura Birn, Lee Pace, Cassian Bilton, and Terrence Mann. Intriguingly, Mikael Persbrandt is expected to join as a regular, reprising his role as the Mule from the second season, adding a new dimension to the unfolding narrative.

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“Foundation” season three is a beacon of hope and excitement for science fiction enthusiasts and devotees of Asimov’s work. With its blend of established and emerging talent and a narrative that promises to deepen and expand upon the intricate universe Asimov created, the upcoming season is poised to continue the series’ legacy as a significant contribution to the genre.


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