Foundation Season 2 Review: A Stellar Sci-Fi Series


The second season of Apple TV Plus’s “Foundation,” based on Isaac Asimov’s seminal science fiction series, is a slow burn that ultimately ignites into a blaze of narrative brilliance. The season begins by picking up the scattered pieces left by its predecessor, introducing new characters, and setting the stage for a story set a century later. This initial sluggishness is a necessary evil, serving as the calm before a storm of intricate plot developments and emotional payoffs.

Foundation Season 2 Review

The season’s latter half is where it truly comes into its own. Characters like Hober Mallow and Constant find themselves entangled in a sweet, subtle romance, while Gaal and Hari work diligently to establish the second Foundation. The Cleon clones, too, reach their own emotional crescendos, adding layers to the show’s already complex narrative. This season’s pacing is deliberate, building its world meticulously before delivering a finale that rivals the best of HBO and AMC.

When compared to its inaugural season, the second installment of “Foundation” feels like a more mature, self-assured entity. It has learned to balance its sprawling narrative with emotional depth, something that was somewhat lacking in the first season. The show also sets itself apart from other sci-fi series by its willingness to reset its narrative each season, introducing new characters and plotlines while maintaining a cohesive overarching story. This approach keeps the audience on their toes, never quite sure what to expect next.

The show’s production design deserves special mention. The world of “Foundation” is a visual feast, filled with intricate details that make it a unique entity in television sci-fi. This season also saw the introduction of new technologies and concepts, such as the castling device, which adds a layer of unpredictability to the story.

The initial episodes may test the patience of viewers looking for immediate gratification. Moreover, the show’s complex narrative can sometimes feel overwhelming, requiring a level of attention that casual viewers may not be willing to give… but if you give yourself over, it’s all worth it.

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“Foundation” Season 2 is a triumph of storytelling, world-building, and character development. It takes the foundation (pun intended!) laid by its predecessor and builds upon it, creating a complex, engaging narrative that stands as one of the best the sci-fi genre has to offer. We can’t wait for season 3!

RATING: 4.5 out of 5.

Foundation – Season Two is now available.

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  1. December 12, 2023

    […] As the galaxy of television sci-fi prepares to expand its horizon again, “Foundation,” Apple TV+’s acclaimed adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s legendary series, is confirmed to return for a riveting third season. This is a good sign of the show’s success and fan devotion, with the announcement arriving after the explosive finale of its second season on September 15, 2023​​. If you missed it, read our Foundation Season 2 review! […]

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