Invasion Season 2 Review: Alien Aftermath Does Not Rise to the Challenge


“Invasion” Season 2, the latest offering from Apple TV+, embarks on a voyage into the tumultuous aftermath of an alien incursion, attempting to elevate its narrative beyond the confines of its predecessor. This ten-episode saga, though ambitious in its scope, navigates a turbulent path fraught with both triumphs and missteps.

From the onset, the series exhibits a daring departure from its inaugural season, trading a slower, more introspective approach for a brisker pace and heightened energy. This shift, while injecting a dose of much-needed vitality, sometimes results in a narrative that feels scattershot, as if the show is grappling with its newfound identity. This dichotomy is particularly evident in the treatment of its central characters, whose arcs, though promising, often meander into clichéd territory, lacking the depth to make them truly resonant​​​​.

The series’ thematic aspirations, hinting at a deeper exploration of humanity’s place in the cosmos, recall the profound musings of sci-fi masterpieces like “Arrival.” However, these moments of potential brilliance are interspersed with sequences that, while visually impressive, often stumble. The show’s visual flair, particularly in portraying alien entities and dystopian landscapes, provides some of the most arresting moments, yet these are juxtaposed against instances where the alien threat seems diminished, sidelined in favor of less compelling plot threads​​​​.

Mitsuki Yamato, portrayed with a compelling gravitas by Shioli Kutsuna, emerges as a beacon of intrigue. Her storyline, marked by a personal vendetta against the alien invaders, stands out for its emotional depth and visual inventiveness. Her journey from a vengeful survivor to a key player in the larger conflict offers a glimpse into the series’ unrealized potential​​​​.

Despite these glimmers of ingenuity, “Invasion” Season 2 often finds itself ensnared in the trappings of conventional sci-fi tropes. The dialogue, at times, veers towards the pretentious, and the plot, while striving for complexity, frequently lapses into predictability. The show’s inability to fully flesh out its human characters, in contrast to its alien adversaries, underscores a narrative imbalance that hinders its overall impact​​​​​​.

“Invasion” Season 2 occupies a curious niche. It showcases a series in transition, one that is visibly wrestling with the weight of its ambition. The result is a season that, while not devoid of merit, struggles to coalesce into a cohesive and compelling narrative.

RATING: 2.5 out of 5.0

Invasion Season 2 is now streaming on Apple TV+.

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