WandaVision’s Matt Shakman Spills the Beans: Fantastic Four Filming Begins Next Year and New Details on the Godzilla TV Series!


The wait for Marvel’s highly-anticipated take on Fantastic Four just got a bit longer, with the film’s release date now set for Valentine’s Day 2025. However, in a recent interview with Collider’s Steve Weintraub, director Matt Shakman gave an update on when filming will begin, revealing it will start “early next year” and will be his top priority moving forward.

Shakman, who recently earned acclaim for his work on WandaVision, has been busy on several projects, including helming the untitled Godzilla and the Titans series for Apple TV+. However, with that project nearing completion, he will focus solely on Fantastic Four. When asked if he plans to direct anything else, Shakman affirmed that Fantastic Four will be his life until 2025.

The director also put to bed all the casting rumors surrounding the film, stating that “all the casting stuff you see is just rumors.” He added that they are still early in the process and have nothing to announce.

Shakman did share a bit more as to what’s to come in Legendary’s MonsterVerse in that same interview, touching on the timeline and storyline, which he kept tight-lipped about for now. “I can’t really say because that’s part of the joy of it, actually. Timelines [are] a big part of the storytelling, so I just want to say that’s part of it, but I can’t really say more than that,” he shared.

Bringing the massive creatures to life is no small feat, as budgets often run high when accurately depicting the sheer size and power of Godzilla and the Titans. The recent blockbuster “Godzilla vs. Kong” boasted a staggering production budget of $160 million, making it one of the lower-priced entries in the MonsterVerse franchise. When asked about the budget for the series, Shakman hinted that, despite the costs, audiences could expect to see plenty of screen time for the iconic creatures… and we’ll absolutely be there!

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