Universal Studios Hollywood Accelerates Into Overdrive with New Fast & Furious Roller Coaster


Universal Studios Hollywood has its sights set on a new level of adrenaline-pumping adventure as it announced plans for the groundbreaking “Fast & Furious: Hollywood Drift” roller coaster.

Park officials confirmed that construction will soon begin on the highly-anticipated roller coaster, aiming to offer an immersive experience into the Fast & Furious universe. The news has been circulating since October last year when a geotechnical study was leaked on Twitter, revealing ambitious plans for the coaster’s track layout.

Fast & Furious Hollywood Drift Concept – Universal Studios Hollywood

Described as utilizing “innovative and technological achievements never previously employed,” the Fast & Furious: Hollywood Drift coaster aims to redefine theme park thrills. Though specific details are scant, concept art for the ride indicates that the coaster will feature cars that drift along the tracks, mimicking the high-speed, rubber-burning movements iconic to the Fast & Furious franchise.

“The ingenuity behind this coaster is something that theme park enthusiasts and Fast & Furious fans alike will find to be a game-changer,” said Alicia Stella, a well-known theme park blogger who has been closely following developments on the new attraction.

Preliminary planning documents show that the coaster’s track is expected to begin in Universal’s upper lot, venture over the Starway Escalator, descend to the lower lot, and then ascend again. The complex trajectory of the ride seems to be an attempt to integrate the coaster into the fabric of the existing theme park seamlessly.

Fast & Furious Hollywood Drift – Universal Studios Hollywood – Ride Under Construction

Before breaking ground, Universal Studios Hollywood conducted extensive sound level tests near the proposed coaster location. Residents living near the park have expressed concerns over noise pollution that the new roller coaster could potentially bring to the area. The theme park is taking these concerns seriously as it moves forward with development plans.

To accommodate the upcoming attraction, the theme park has already closed several shows and retail locations, including the Animal Actors show, the Special Effects show, and the Production Central Store.

Although no opening date has been announced, park officials are expected to release more information about the roller coaster in the coming months, adding to the growing list of cutting-edge attractions like the recently unveiled Super Nintendo World.

The new coaster will build on the park’s existing Fast & Furious offering, which is part of the Universal Studio Tour and was launched in 2015. For now, it’s been referred to as Fast & Furious: Hollywood Drift but that name may change. Either way, fans of the franchise and thrill-seekers can expect a multi-layered experience that marries storytelling and innovation in a way only Universal Studios Hollywood can deliver.

For Universal Studios Hollywood, the Fast & Furious roller coaster seems poised to be another billion-dollar thrill ride, much like the franchise that inspired it. With more than $7 billion in global box office earnings, the Fast saga has proven its cultural staying power, and Universal aims to translate that into theme park success.

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3 Responses

  1. HACER says:

    didnt like fast x as much as i would have liked but i still want to go on this ride

  2. ZEYNEP EZGİ says:

    Looks like it will be a while until they finish construction. Mario Karts and Nitrous Cars will be my future!!

  3. Diesel Bro says:

    Oh man, this Fast & Furious coaster is going to be the Vin Diesel of roller coasters—fast, furious, and absolutely unstoppable! I can’t wait to feel like I’m part of Dom’s crew, drifting through those tracks with the LA skyline in the backdrop. Finally, a ride that lets us live our “ride or die” fantasies to the fullest. Universal Studios, hit the NOS and get this coaster built, stat! #Family

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