Jurassic Park 3D Movie Review – An EntertainmentGeekly Podcast


jurassic-park-3d-posterWho doesn’t love dinosaurs? Much more, who doesn’t love dinosaurs in 3D??? As one of our favorite films, we had to return to Isla Nublar to see JURASSIC PARK 3D in theaters one more time… or in Cybergosh’s case, two more times. The AMC Citiwalk’s IMAX 3D was the venue, and this edition was spread over two different journeys. The first Cybergosh hit Universal Studios Hollywood to live the ride on the same day he saw the movie with special guests, and then Eros and Cybergosh caught another screening after Oblivion (podcast to come!). What did we think? I think you already know but…

Highlights include:

  • The 3D. The sound. The spectacle of IMAX. Is the new re-issue worth it?
  • Why is it that CG from 20 years ago works better than the CG of today sometimes?
  • What we want from a Jurassic Park 4

So be a clever girl, and dive right in to our JURASSIC PARK 3D movie review podcast:


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