From Godzilla to Dinosaurs: Gareth Edwards Roars into Jurassic World


Gareth Edwards, a filmmaker renowned for his colossal storytelling in “Godzilla” and “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” is now set to helm the latest installment in the “Jurassic World” saga, slated for a summer 2025 release. This transition marks a significant shift in direction after David Leitch’s departure, attributed to creative differences over the project’s vision. Edwards, who has demonstrated a keen eye for blending spectacular visuals, is poised to infuse new life into the beloved franchise, under the watchful eyes of executive producers including Steven Spielberg​​.

Edwards’ journey to “Jurassic World” is not just a step but a leap, considering his recent work on “The Creator,” a film showcasing his adeptness at effects, though a huge miss in storytelling. In “The Creator,” Edwards tackled the formidable challenge of shooting amid the pandemic, ingeniously adapting to location constraints and transforming them into opportunities for storytelling innovation. This adaptability, combined with his background in visual effects, if matched with a quality script, could be exactly what’s needed to revitalize the “Jurassic” series with a fresh perspective​​.

We’ll find out definitively next summer as the movie is set to release in July 2025.


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  1. May 23, 2024

    […] that has captivated millions since the first “Jurassic Park” film roared into theaters. Gareth Edwards, the visionary director known for bringing both scale and human sentiment to the creatures of his […]

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