TRON Identity Review: Digi-Delights For Puzzle Lovers and Grid Groovers


Welcome to the Grid, where neon-lit mysteries await. Bithell Games, known for their narrative-driven projects, has teamed up with Disney to create TRON: Identity, an intriguing detective story set within the universe of the cult-classic films. While fans of the franchise will revel in the rich lore, newcomers may find themselves initially lost in this vibrant digital world. Nonetheless, TRON: Identity proves to be a compelling visual novel that will surely captivate puzzle gamers and TRON enthusiasts alike.

The story follows Query, a detective assigned to solve a mysterious case involving a theft and explosion within the Repository of a new Grid. Players will navigate this universe through branching narratives, making choices that shape the protagonist’s relationships and the outcome of the story. The game pays homage to TRON: Legacy, tying up some loose ends left by the film, while the dynamic 80s-inspired electronic music sets the tone for the unfolding detective drama.

TRON: Identity is a visual novel that beautifully captures the essence of its environment through subtle animations and attention to detail. Interaction with the world is encouraged through the use of blue dots that mark points of interest in each scene, adding depth to the overall experience. A personal journal keeps track of gathered information on characters, showcasing a branching graph that highlights pivotal moments in your interactions with them.

The game introduces Identity Disc puzzles, a fun and challenging mini-game that has players defragging the discs of various programs to uncover lost memories. These puzzles, though central to gameplay, can be skipped entirely for those focused solely on the narrative. Players who enjoy the puzzles can also access an Endless mode for non-stop defragging action.

TRON: Identity manages to craft a captivating narrative experience that both expands on the franchise’s mythos and provides an enjoyable visual novel for newcomers. Although a more comprehensive introduction to the TRON universe would have been helpful for those new to the series, the game’s branching story, puzzles, and stunning visuals make it an engaging experience.

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Bithell Games has once again demonstrated their prowess in combining storytelling and gameplay elements, following in the footsteps of their earlier successes like John Wick Hex and Thomas Was Alone. TRON: Identity is a delightful package of mystery, engaging characters, and brain-teasing puzzles that will leave players wanting more.

RATING: 3.0 out of 5.

TRON: Identity is available on Windows PC and Nintendo Switch.

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  1. mother hen says:

    The puzzles are really challenging and fun. Great for those who love a good brain teaser. However, I wish the graphics were a bit more up-to-date.