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The Thing Remastered

The Thing: Remastered Announced for Modern Consoles & PC

Nightdive Studios is set to release “The Thing: Remastered,” a modern upgrade of the classic survival horror game. The remastered version will feature enhanced graphics, improved performance, and updated character models. Developed using Nightdive’s KEX Engine, the game will offer 4K resolution at 120FPS, bringing the early 2000s classic in line with contemporary gaming standards. The remastering process goes beyond visual upgrades, with improvements to lighting and atmospheric effects, promising to

Nintendo Switch

Anticipated Nintendo Switch Successor: Release Date Speculations Ramp Up

Rumors and speculation about the release date of the Nintendo Switch’s successor, known as “Switch 2,” are running wild. However, Nintendo’s current sales forecast does not account for a new console, suggesting that a release is unlikely before April. Analyst Daniel Ahmad points out that Nintendo’s omission of the Switch 2 from their sales forecasts doesn’t necessarily indicate the release timeline, citing the company’s past behavior with the original Switch. While Nintendo has remained tight-lipped about their plans, President

New Texas Chainsaw Massacre Table Coming to Pinball M

Zen Studios’ Pinball M is set to release a new table based on the film Texas Chainsaw Massacre, promising a chilling and brutal gaming experience. Players will take on the role of Leatherface, terrorizing and massacring survivors in order to reach the game’s coveted Wizard Mode. This upcoming addition to Pinball M’s lineup of horror-inspired tables, which already includes titles like Dead by Daylight and Duke Nukem, has been highly anticipated for its gruesome gameplay. The game is available