The Adventure Is Over For The Tortillas


Disney’s California Adventure Theme Park may be in the process of improving itself throughout this year and next, but there is one beloved attraction that will be leaving for good after tomorrow — Tthe Mission Tortilla Factory.

The Mission Tortilla Factory was one of DCA’s 2001 opening day offerings that gained a loyal following for its free half-tortilla samples. The last of the free tortillas will be given out on Tuesday, May 31, when the doors to the factory will be shut for good.

According to MiceAge, “The excuse that managers are giving DCA Cast Members is that Mission failed to renew their latest sponsorship agreement and the location must now close to allow for construction to continue on the big entranceway into Cars Land that is behind the walls nearby. But that’s not the complete story behind this sudden and quiet closure. The rest of the story is that Disney is wrapping up the details on a new sponsorship deal with an iconic California company they had been chasing back in the late 1990’s for DCA, but who wisely took a pass after deciding they were unimpressed with the original park. But now the Ghirardelli Chocolate Company of San Francisco is planned to become DCA’s newest sponsor, and if the current timeline holds Ghirardelli will debut in 2012 in an expanded and remade building at the old Mission Tortilla Factory location.”

So tortillas may be out but chocolate is on its way. Perhaps not all is lost Now if they could only find a role for that awesome animated dog then all would be right.

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Read more on the matter from Al Lutz at MiceAge.com.


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