Haunted Mansion Themed Rooms Coming To Walt Disney World?!!??


Through the entire WDW hotel boom of the nineties – which was labeled “The Disney Decade” by Eisner – there were many $200, $300 and sometimes even $400 nights in my never-ending quest to lay my head down at least once in every single Disney Resort. Still – every time a new hotel was announced, it didn’t go without a small amount of frustration on my part.

Disney’s Boardwalk! — Yeah, okay, I can go with that, turn of the century retro boardwalk flare with its own set of restaurants and hot spots. Ok sure, why not?

Disney’s Saratoga Springs! — Wait, What? Equestrian themed resort becomes the re-do of the already-awesome Disney Institute?! All because Eisner made a few personal family trips to the real Saratoga Springs and apparently it left some kind of impression on him. Umm, yeah… things were getting bad.

Where the heck was any CREATIVITY! For many years it seemed that the more money that was spent on these new hotels the less creativity was injected into them. Are you telling me that any – ANY of the newer resorts on Walt Disney World property have HALF the awesomeness, half the attention to detail, half the MAGIC that The Polynesian has?!

Read on for awesome pics…

For years I’ve dreamed of Disney doing a haunted hotel. Perhaps with a Haunted Mansion theme, or a Twilight Tower of Terror “sister property” where guests could actually STAY inside the attraction! But all that came next were more Vacation Club options.

With Disney’s Pop Century Resort there came a sense of fun. The problem was that this “economy” resort did not fit the needs of all families. But show me any kid (including myself) who wouldn’t beg their parents to stay at the $120 a night Pop or All-Star room over the $400 Saratoga Springs. I mean it’s ridiculous. And I’m not sure why it tool so long for anyone to realize there was a huge potential hotel experience missing, especially in light of the success of the nearby Nickelodeon themed hotel. Then… something kind of wonderful happened. Small, but wonderful…

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort started offering guests pirate-themed rooms last year and perhaps to no one’s surprise but Disney corporate, they’re a huge success. Now Disney is considering adding more themed rooms to some of their resorts, such as a Royal Room and, yes even a Haunted Mansion themed room. But now before you get too excited, it appears as though this is Haunted Mansion LIGHT at best. Still great that this is even being considered at all I suppose…

According to Attractions Magazine, a family recently stayed at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. Upon their return home, they were sent a online survey by Disney asking about their stay. The survey went on to ask if they’d be interested in staying at a moderately priced resort that would be themed to a specific attraction or character. The choices presented were a Haunted Mansion Room, a Royal Room and a Pirates of the Caribbean Room.

The survey first provided a description of each room, then two photos of each and asked how likely they’d be to stay in each room. Here’s the description of the Haunted Mansion room:

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“Come spend the night with a few of the happy haunts who play in an enchanted bedroom inspired by the Haunted Mansion. Rest atop the floating Doom Buggy beds with a couple of friendly spooks and watch glow-in-the-dark, cartoon-like footsteps mysteriously appear as the evening sets in. A sliding bookcase creates a hidden passage to the bathroom and is the perfect hiding place for a hitch-hiking ghost. Oversized furnishings with curvy lines and bright colors add to the whimsy in the room. Guests will delight in finding the hidden special effects that play up the merry, rather than scary, room ambiance.”

The survey went on to ask which was their favorite and what they liked and didn’t like about each room.

It’s important for us to remember that these are just concepts and depending on the survey answers and other factors, these rooms may never get built or may look nothing like the concepts renderings or descriptions. While I would personally go for an all around more immersive experience – one where you’re literally staying in a haunted mansion and every last hallway and bathroom keeps up the “show” – along with sound effects within the rooms you’ll randomly hear while you fall asleep in your COFFIN. And no, I don’t think that’s a “bit much” for a Disney hotel – – Mofo’s been committing SUICIDE by HANGING HIMSELF for 41 years the minute you walk into his house. So yes, there should absolutely be coffins for beds. No excuse.

So what’s worse? No Haunted Mansion sleep situation at all, or one that exists, yet not done exactly the way Walt might have? And more importantly – how can I get one of those HM Wallpaper Comforters!!??


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5 Responses

  1. Estefana Sjerven says:

    I really like twilight! I might sit and watch all day long if I didn’t have school..or life to keep me from doing it! lol Amazing Simply Superb!

  2. Mark Vest says:

    We saw the article in Orlando Attractions Magazine about a haunted mansion room at one of the resorts and my wife went crazy. She wants to know if it is ready to be rented.

  3. Kristen Seminario says:

    I would love to stay in a haunted mansion themed room, I think that’s a great idea. I always thought there should be a haunted mansion hotel or a tower of terror hotel!!

  4. Michelle says:

    I would really love to stay in a Haunted Mansion room (the princess room looks great too!). We (my husband, son, and I) went to Disney World for the first time this past November and stayed at Pop Century, which we really enjoyed. We plan on going back late next year sometime and decided to go for a value resort again, a nice themed room at a modreate hotel will change that though. I’m not sure I would pay more for the princess room (since I have a preschool aged son) but will definately go for the HM room.

    I actually just spend a while looking for any updates on the Haunted Mansion rooms and cannot find anything. Does anyone know if they are happening and when? I see that the princess rooms will be ready early next year, but can’t find anything about the HM rooms? I’ve read a lot of forum posts about it and a majority seems to prefer the HM rooms over the princess, so surely the survery showed the same results…Oh well, I guess there’s still hope for them to be complete in the next year or so 🙂

  5. Michelle says:

    Oops…sorry for the mispelled words in my post above. I was typing that out while searching forums and watching The Lion King with my little boy…I’m not the best multi-tasker.