2009 Emmys Summed Up for a Geek


61st Primetime Emmy(R) AwardsThe Emmys are over, and despite enjoying the antics of Neil Patrick Harris, I really couldn’t be bothered to watch the hours of it all. Especially when it can be summed up in a few minutes. So allow us to share with you some observations on certain, but not all, Emmy categories:

Michael Emerson from LostBest Supporting Actor, Drama Series
WINNER: Michael Emerson from LOST.

Very happy to hear this. Emerson does a wonderful job playing one of the not-pretty people on LOST, his Benjamin Linus is able to deliver conniving and spineless with the greatest of ease.  He may be completely untrustworthy, but I still love watching him week for week as everyone seems to not realize that on the show.

Cherry Jones from 24Best Supporting Actress, Drama Series
WINNER: Cherry Jones from 24.

Wow, didn’t see this coming. Jones’ portrayal of the President channelled old school David Palmer, full of powerful speeches and heavy contemplating.  I could have lived without the daughter sub-plot, but Jones’ job was excellent.  Besides, it’s about time we rooted for someone in office.  Maybe it IS time for a change?

Kristin Chenoweth from Pushing DaisiesBest Supporting Actress, Comedy Series

WINNER: Kristin Chenoweth from Pushing Daisies.

I’ll admit something: I didn’t like Pushing Daisies. It was wayyyy too quirky for me. Still, I’m happy to see anyone, including the cutesy Chenoweth beat out the grumpy Vanessa Williams who seems to have refused to go along with Amy Poehler’s “eye” Emmy game.  Besides, she’s a little flower and you’ve got love that!

The Amazing RaceBest Reality-Competition Program
WINNER: The Amazing Race

Where else can you travel the world from the comfort of your couch? This show has people hopping planes, trains and automobiles for 45 minutes each week, performing awesome challenges and occasionally backstabbing other contestants. If it was a little more cruel, it could oust Survivor, but until then…

Jeff Probst from SurvivorBest Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program
WINNER: Jeff Probst for Survivor.

This really should just be the Jeff Probst for Survivor award. As long as Survivor remains on the air, it MUST be his. Probst is the ultimate pot-stirrer and color commentator, yet still remains down to earth compared to other elitist hosts. He is one of us, and says what we are thinking, and deserves this award every year.

Daily ShowBest Variety, Music or Comedy Series
WINNER: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

While I think The Colbert Report is the better show, I’m still happy to see The Daily Show take a win. Especially instead of Real Time with Bill Maher, which I just don’t get how it was nominated. Maybe I’m old.  Now if The Daily Show could just get some funny correspondents, I could really enjoy my news once again.

Generation KillBest Miniseries
WINNER: Little Dorrit. Generation Kill.

Okay, this kills me. There were only two nominees in this category, the other being Generation Kill, which was one of the greatest miniseries events ever. The Academy probably thought it was too soon, so instead, this artsy-fartsy “Pride & Prejudice”-esque event takes the win. This is so not cool. As far as I’m concerned: Generation Kill won this Emmy.

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Michael J. Fox from Rescue MeBest Guest Actor In A Drama Series
WINNER: Michael J. Fox for Rescue Me

Whoa, talk about awesome! I never expected this, but Fox did give an amazing performance as the boyfriend to Denis Leary’s ex-wife. He drank too much, popped too many pills and when he went on a rant about his sexual performance, it was like seeing a different man. I hope we see more of him in other stuff soon!

Justin Timberlake from Saturday Night LiveBest Guest Actor In A Comedy Series
WINNER: Justin Timberlake from Saturday Night Live

I like to think this is solely for his collaborations with Andy Samberg. Those music videos are by far the funniest thing to come out of SNL for YEARS. I don’t care too much for SNL anymore, but I always make sure to watch the latest Samberg creation! Congrats Justin, way to keep it real!  Mother lovers FTW!

Last but not least, allow me to share some words about 30 Rock. I’ve seen a few episodes, it’s funny, and I’m happy for everyone that’s a part of it. But the fact that 30 Rock had 4 out of 5 episodes up for an Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series award just shows that there’s really something wrong with the Emmys. There are plenty of other comedies out there, folks; you should try watching ’em.


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