Weird Al Yankovic: The Video Game


Weird Al Yankovic in Virus Alert 3D

The Blues Brothers got their own game. Even Kool-Aid Man got his own game, so it’s about time, sir Weird Al Yankovic received his own game. Unfortunately, it had to be this one. Virus Alert 3D is a download-only game for your PC and Mac where you run around as Al, throwing discs and killing virii. Remember the “good ole days” of gaming when every movie or TV character found their way onto the NES? This is a throwback to one of those games, except worse. There’s little to no Weird Al Yankovic music, which to me, is a bad thing, and the game has you both using arrow keys to run around and the mouse (or on my Macbook Pro, the touchpad) to shoot, which just doesn’t gel together. The art though is drawn straight from the Virus Alert music video.

To be fair, this seems an afterthought and more promotional for his Straight Outta Lynwood album release in 2007, but still, I expect better. Like a point and click adventure game! Or a Brain Age-esque training simulator. Something!!

The official press release about Virus Alert 3D is below or click here to download the game (be warned, the full game costs $16):

Virus Alert 3D features “Weird Al” as the new Information Technology employee at Companytechco Inc., LLC. His job is to hunt down and exterminate computer viruses that are plaguing the firm. Users get to control “Weird Al” as he works his way through the building eliminating viruses, protecting computers, unlocking secret doors, and securing the help of drone like co-workers.

Based on a song on Al’s recent album, “Straight out of Lynwood”, Virus Alert 3D marks the second time that Left Brain Games and “Weird Al” Yankovic have teamed up. The album was released with an animated music video of the Virus Alert single, which was also created by Left Brain Games.

“We love working with ‘Weird Al’ and his team. They are extremely creative and always give us free reign to try new things,” says Andrew Keplinger, President of Left Brain Games. “There’s no doubt that devout Al fans are going to love this game but I’m also convinced that there’s something in there for anyone.”

The trial version of the game is available for download and is compatible with both Macs and PCs. The full game features 25 levels of play, though the free version includes only 5 levels. A registration code can be purchased for $16.95 to unlock all levels. Animated vignettes appear after every fifth level introducing Al to a cast of zany characters working at the company.

Weird Al Yankovic in Virus Alert 3D

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  1. Elizabeth Lucero says:

    hiya Thanks for a riveting article. Bookmarked and come by shortly. bye

  2. video games can be very addicting that is why sometimes i limit myself from playing too much of it _

  3. Luminita says:

    This DVD represents ehtyreving the format can offer in a music video. It has all of Al’s videos, with stereo surround and 5.1 tracks, plus some extra clips from Al’s Saturday morning cartoon show and his 1981 TV debut on Tom Snyder’s Tomorrow Show. The videos are presented in random order; you can really see that Al’s 80 s videos hold up quite well in comparison to his 90 s videos. Here’s the track listing: 1. Fat 2. Amish Paradise 3. It’s All About the Pentiums 4. Smells Like Nirvana 5. You Don’t Love Me Anymore 6. Bedrock Anthem 7. Gump 8. Jurassic Park 9. Headline News10. Dare to Be Stupid *my favorite*11. Eat It12. Like a Surgeon13. UHF14. Money For Nothing / Beverly Hillbillies15. One More Minute16. I Lost On Jeopardy17. This Is the Life18. Living With a Hernia19. Spy Hard20. Ricky21. Christmas at Ground Zero22. I Love Rocky Road23. Bob24. The Saga BeginsAs you can see, no Weird Al fan should be without this DVD. I’d rate it 6 stars if I could.