Weird: The Al Yankovic Story Trailer


Weird: The Al Yankovic Story

I wish this were real. If this were real, I’d see it in a heartbeat! But alas, at least we have this trailer for WEIRD: The Al Yankovic Story, a biopic starring Olivia Wilde (as Madonna!), Gary Cole, Mary Steenburgen, Patton Oswalt (as Dr. Demento!!) and Aaron Paul as Al Yankovic. AMAZING. MUST-WATCH. GET IN THERE!


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2 Responses

  1. Cybergosh says:

    that was nice

  2. I’ve been a die-hard AL-chocoholic for 26 years (since I was 8 y/o, boy a feel old!) I

    wish this was a REAL movie.

    That would be awesome!

    BTW Patton is SPOT-ON as my HERO Dr. Demento. I use to have a non-profit Dr. Demento style

    show Online called “Worldwide Wacky with Bobby Kaye” until the RIAA started cracking down

    on such stuff. (Damn them all to hell. I purposely made sure I made no money from the gig

    yet they’re @$$holes as alluded to in Al’s brilliant opus “Don’t Download This Song”

    Anyway some smart movie executive needs to get off their @$$, quit it already with the

    remakes and comic books and make “The “Weird Al” story” a reality.

    Of course they probably figure that with “Walk Hard” the “Walk the Line”-Parody thing has

    been done and with UHF “Weird Al” has been done.

    However head this you must, 80’s Retro is IN and “Weird Al” is as hot now as he ever was. More so in fact thanks to his Internet following. (and his Adult Swim cameos) “White and Nerdy” was an even bigger hit then “Eat It”. It made it to #9 on Billboard’s top 100, “Eat It” made it to #12 in 1984.

    How many artist have had a top hit more then 25 years after their debut. I can only think of The Beatles, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison and (posthumously) Elvis Presley. Pretty solid company there. (They’re all in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!) And certainty no comedy music artist has had anywhere near this longevity. So IMHO not only should this movie be made, “Weird Al” needs to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!.
    Just my .02


    P.S. If AL or his bandmates read this, when you come to Toledo look for the tall fat guy (wearing either an “Indy” Fedora or a Mud Hens ball-cap) with his short curly-haired nephew when you come to Toledo on the 30th. That will be me! 🙂