The Worst Thing You Have Ever Heard


Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody

I realize that I already listen to things that other people hate: Movie soundtracks, video game music, Weird Al Yankovic… but this, this by far could be the worst thing I have ever heard. And it’s bad not because it’s some guy in his garage creating original music that just stinks, but because it takes something most people love dearly, Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, and mashes/mixes it up with dozens of artists…including the aforementioned Weird Al. In theory, an excellent exercise but in practice, mind-numbingly awful.

At times, it’s nice but for the most part, insulting, and because I need others to share my pain, check out the MP3!
[wpaudio url=”https://www.entertainmentgeekly.com/audio/bo.mp3″]

Click in to the article if you want to see all the artists involved, in order of their disgraceful appearance.

Queen feat. Extreme (From Freddie Tribute Concert)
Bad News
Anonymous Answering Machine Message
Faye Wong
Hyannis Sound
Monserrat Cabalier & Bruce Dickinson
Rolf Harris
John Miles
Queen B
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Stepping Stone
The Former Yugoslavia (Dictionaraoke version)
Today FM DJs
Weird Al Yankovic
Weasel Walter
Black Strawberrys
Unknown (90s smooth soul)
The Braids
Jeff Scott Soto
Russell Watson
Wolf Marshall
Brass Band De Waldsang
California Guitar Trio
Madison Scouts
Mountain Dew TV Commercial
De Dannan
Unknown (country-ish)

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