When LeVar Burton Tweeted About MJ Today

Yes I follow LaVar on Twitter. And when he sent out a tweet from the MJ memorial earlier today regrading Corey Feldman being dressed up as the King of Pop, I thought he was kidding. Lavar Burton was not kidding.

Feldman at Jackson Memorial

Don’t get me wrong, I am still a Corey Feldman fan to this day (he was the only redeeming thing about Lost Boys: The Tribe). And I’m not knocking him for paying tribute via wardrobe. I’m…was just a little…surprised is all. Although I don’t know why I was. Maybe if i start following Corey on Twitter I could make sure I’m more prepared next time. When MJ leaves us for REAL.


MJ Memorial Program

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Fancy Gentleman.

5 Responses

  1. Fats says:

    Fuck Corey Feldman. Fuck him for being Michael Jackson’s friend, then going public about “thinking he remembers that MJ abused him,” then showing up at that memorial like that.

    Fuck him for going on Howard Stern and trying to defend MJ, then making jokes about MJ blowing him.

    Fuck him for screaming a love song into his wife’s face.

    I asked for his phone number today so I could call him and tell him what I thought of him. I wasn’t allowed to have it.

    But fuck Corey Feldman. I hope someone he knows Googles “Fuck Corey Feldman” and finds this page and lets him see what I think.

    Fuck Corey Feldman for being a shitty friend, and a liar, and a sycophant. Fuck Corey Feldman.

    I hope he gets penis cancer and dies and lives in MJ’s shadow all over again in the afterlife. And I hope he gets penis cancer there too.

    Fuck Corey Feldman.

  2. Cybergosh says:

    I…did not…know….all of that.  I was just basing my opinion on Gremlins / The Goonies / The Burbs / Lost Boys.

    But I guess times have changed.

    I take it back.  Corey does not rule anymore, I guess.


  3. firstmusic says:

    With the death of Michael Jackson has left an entire era. This artist is no more and will not be.

  4. Fats says:

    Sorry if I stole some of your sunshine, Goshy. But I have very strong feelings about Corey “Fuck Corey Feldman” Feldman.

    I truly believe– and I have some inside info– that MJ was completely innocent. And I think Feldman exploited his misfortune in order to try to extend 15 minutes of fame that expired years ago.

    And I think his soul and his kin should burn in hell for cheaply attacking a brilliant, tortured and innocent man, whose only crime was naivete when it came to lecherous “friends.”

    Fuck Corey Feldman. I really did try to get his phone number. I even offered to record my message for approval and then simply play it into his voicemail, and I was going to do it from my phone so nobody knew where the number came from. Alas, I wasn’t given it. But I’d still take it any day of the week.

    I hate him, and I truly hate very, very few people.

    Fuck Corey Feldman.

    He’ll never be the Feldog in my eyes again.

  5. Cybergosh says:

    No, that’s alright, Fats – I’m glad your opinion on MJ is what it is, and I trust your sources, and the appropriate strikes have been made!

    Too bad though.  I guess Clark ‘Mouth’ Devereaux really is a the most dickish Goonie, after all.

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