By E-G 421

3 thoughts on “ELFMAN removes name from NACHO LIBRE!!”
  1. Good. Pack up your oompah-loompah music and take it to a movie I’m not going to see, Elfman.

  2. This is nuts.  Spidey 3 and now this.  At least Nacho will HAVE his music.  Elfman is the only composer i would see a film solely for him being involved, regardless of how little interest i have in the film. Although, when he is involved in something like Nacho, it elevates it to event status for me.  12 more hours and i’ll be under his spell…

  3. Richard Kraft, Danny’s agent, shed some light on the subject…..

    “Danny Elfman has not removed his name from NACHO LIBRE. He elected not to take a “Music by” credit.

    Danny Elfman was brought in to do a replacement score on for the film. The final mix of the movie includes about 2/3rds of the score Elfman composed with the other third comprised of music retained from the first score (composed by Beck) as well as other music. For this reason, Elfman chose not to take a “Music by” credit on the film or advertisements. Instead, he decided to take credit for the cues he composed in the End Titles to properly identify his contributions to the final film.”


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