Horrible Video Of Michael Jackson Burning!!!


OMG, this is so sad. This is exclusive video of the 1984 Pepsi commercial Michael Jackson was shooting when the pyrotechnics went off and his hair caught on fire. The man’s a frickin’ pro though, he doesn’t miss a beat when his entire head is on fire!! Whoa… I may never drink Pepsi again.

Check out this video after the commercial from UsWeekly. Yikes.

4 Responses

  1. robin coulers says:

    this is gnarly.  poor mj.  rip brutha

  2. i could say that Michael Jackson is a living legend when it comes to pop music. he would be surely missed by most of us.

  3. | Acne Treatment Health Site says:

    i idolize Michael Jackson because of his great achievement in the Pop Music. farewell King of Pop.

  4. LEE KUAN YEW says: