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Please don’t let this movie turn out to be an ET version of Crash.


This ad campaign is seriously diminishing the cool factor of District 9’s aliens. The aliens came here and wanted to ride our buses so badly that we needed this sign? What kind of lame ass aliens want to ride the bus? Has SETI been beaming Speed into space and aliens think that’s what bus rides are always like? I mean, I can imagine Mork and Starman on the bus. Even ALF, but only if he sits way in the back and makes fun of everyone who gets on.

I suppose the good aliens in V rode the bus, but you wouldn’t see bad ass Diana catching the 720 with her Tupperwared guinea pig lunch. I’m trying to avoid knowing anything more about D-9 because I want to be surprised, so if its all about alien assimilation and ensuing prejudice (yawn) then OK fine. But every time I pass these ads I think of The Predator arguing over a metro pass, and its killing me. I realize this tendency to think too literally is putting me on a path to chartered accountancy rather than lion taming, so I need to get over it and accept its a clever and catchy ad, it works … kind of. “Hey buddy, I don’t know how they do it where you’re from, but on this planet we give up our seat to a pregnant lady…Oh now you’re gonna get up, well screw you, you ET f*ggot ahhh wait no no I’m sorry no don’t…”(screaming) Driver stop the bus!..
Oh God he’s eating my head…”



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4 Responses

  1. cybergosh says:


  2. samuel says:

    The aliens in this movie aren’t attacking us or destroying our world. Its a movie about them intergrating into out society.

  3. Jed says:

    Wow I’m surprised this garbage news bit is even on here. Did the writer take the time to go to the movie site or read anything about it? I mean 5 minute of research shouldn’t be too hard. Guess it was in this case. I don’t even know why I’m on this garbage site reading garbage news from garbage writers. Guess it gives me more reason never to come back to this wannabe site. PEACE!

  4. firstmusic says:

    Ridiculous, but the actual poster. We must remain human beings and to do noble deeds.