Alpha Gang: Cate Blanchett’s Earth Invasion Film Announced


– Cate Blanchett is set to star as the leader of an alien biker gang in the Zellner Brothers’ upcoming alien invasion comedy, “Alpha Gang.”
– The aliens in “Alpha Gang,” disguised as a 1950s biker gang, are on a mission to conquer Earth but encounter an unexpected challenge when they start feeling emotions.

From mythical creatures roaming the dense woodlands to intergalactic threats descending upon Earth, the dynamic duo of David and Nathan Zellner continue to enthrall audiences with their unique and offbeat cinematic narratives. Their next venture promises to be a genre-blending romp called “Alpha Gang,” set to feature the incomparable Cate Blanchett in a role that will delight fans and cinephiles alike.

Blanchett, a multi-award-winning actress whose cinematic journey has traversed the landscapes of Middle Earth and the golden age of Hollywood aviation, dips her toes into the cosmic waters of the Zellner’s comical world of extraterrestrial invasion. Variety breaks down the essence of the upcoming film: “Alpha Gang” sees a squadron of alien marauders, masked in the guises of a 1950s biker gang, set on subjugating humanity. They seem indomitable and ruthless—until, in an unexpected twist, they succumb to the wildly infectious human phenomenon of emotion.

Embracing her role as the leader of this interstellar biker gang, Blanchett will break new ground as the leather-clad, helmet-adorned figurehead of an outlandish crew of otherworldly beings. And as expected from someone of her incredible range, it’s a surefire bet that Blanchett will redefine the archetype of a space invader with her remarkable poise and gravitas. She’s known for crafting characters imbued with depth and nuanced sophistication, whether she’s adorning the regal robes of a Tolkien queen or parading in the suitably chic ensembles as part of a heist team in “Ocean’s 8.”

The Zellner brothers—the minds behind the uncanny depiction of Bigfoot relatives in “Sasquatch Sunset,” starring Jesse Eisenberg and Riley Keogh—are in their element, weaving originality with playful humor. Their storytelling canvas is rich with the absurdity of sending down otherworldly beings who, despite being equipped with formidable technology and malicious intent, tumble headfirst into the chaos of human feelings.

The anticipation for “Alpha Gang” builds even more exhilarating momentum with the idea of a grand embodiment of emotion by the galactic raiders played by an ensemble as skilled as Blanchett’s. Viewers can recall her remarkable presence as Hela in “Thor: Ragnarok,” where she effortlessly personified the goddess of death with a flair that was as captivating as it was menacing. Similarly, her compelling performance across Peter Jackson’s magnum opus, especially as the elven Galadriel, leaves little doubt of her capability to command the big screen.

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“Alpha Gang” is gearing to commence production later in the year, with casting details keenly awaited. Given the Zellner brothers’ penchant for the off-kilter and Blanchett’s formidable acting pedigree, this cosmic comedy is poised to take audiences on a rambunctious joyride across the stars, probing the weaknesses that make us all fundamentally human.

The promise of Cate Blanchett donning biker gear as an extraterrestrial overlord presents a captivating visual, and the narrative premise itself offers lots of potential for humor and perhaps a touch of pathos. This fresh endeavor may well be a cultural highlight that further cements Blanchett’s versatile prowess and the Zellner brothers’ penchant for transporting viewers to unique, unchartered realms.


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