THRILLER Headed For Broadway

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Broadway Bound
With Will Ferrell on February 5th, the upcoming Julie Taymor / Bono & The Edge SPIDER-MAN and now this, Broadway seems to have more that am interested in than Hollywood these days.

From Variety =

James L. Nederlander, prexy of Gotham producer and theater owner the Nederlander Org, has picked up theatrical rights to produce a musical theater version of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

Score for the tuner will consist of songs from Jackson’s 1982 album “Thriller” as well as from his 1979 LP “Off the Wall.”

Plot of “Thriller the Musical” will be based on the 1982 “Thriller” video, about a wholesome young couple whose date goes awry when one of them turns into a werewolf.

No creative team is yet attached, and no timeline for the project has been announced.

What would be awesome is to have Landis direct, Micheal star and write additional tracks – or, better yet – use the rarely heard b-sides from the Thriller sessions. No one knows those songs and they’re up there with the best of his old stuff. So the tracks would feel new yet old at the same time and give people a reason to get excited for this. But the reality is that everything will probably be done as wrong as can be and make people hate MJ even more as a result.