Updates of Importance


This post should actually be a whole bunch of posts but time is short so this will have to do:

-Edgar Wright hosted a two hour block of BBC radio and played Halloween inspired tracks as well as some chatting with John Landis on all things Werewolf and Thriller. Listen HERE.

-Speaking of Wright, he’ll be doing a signing of the new Scott Pilgrim DVD and Blu-Ray at Amoeba Music in Hollywood this coming Thursday. Details HERE. The man does not stop his epic epicness.

-Speaking of epicness, TRON LEGACY screenwriters Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz talk about getting back on The Grid HERE.

-Speaking of The Grid, Friday saw the debut of World of Color’s TRONcore, an encore Tron Legacy sequence in the show – the first new scene added to the nighttime spectacular since its debut in June.

-Speaking of Disney, Disney Theatrical may be close to pulling the plug on Mary Poppins on Broadway, a shame as this is their best Broadway production to date. Alice may be stepping in to take its place. More HERE.

-Anthony Daniels Returns as C-3PO for New Star Tours in a way we may not have expected… as our pilot. Read all about it HERE.

-Costume Prototypes for Tim Burton’s failed Nic Cage SUPERMAN LIVES project surfaced this past week. Check ’em out HERE. Wild to think what this would have been like had it been made.

-Speaking of Burton, check THIS out! The Disney Halloween special you never got to see, Tim Burton’s “Trick or Treat.”

-Last but not least, James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger reunite urging Californians to vote against Proposition 23, a ballot initiative that would put California’s Global Warming Act of 2006 on hold.

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