Bergy’s App of the Day: Composer


Even though it’s $3.99, MUSIC COMPOSER is another amazing keyboard app that allows you to email yourself the compositions you just made up while standing in line for the midnight showing of Watchmen. This is yet another reason why i’ve needed an iPhone all my life, and how it gets better and better every day.

Also noteworthy = Piano Tutor.

This application is a virtual piano for the iPhone or iPod device. It also allows score editing and automatically generate sound file and music notation sheet.

You can use this application to compose music and email the generated sound file and music notation sheet.

You can change Key signature, Tempo, Meter and edit title and some other description for the music score sheet. However, it only supports a uniform meter for a song.

Music Composer is designed to be easy and simple to use. It is a lite version of Composer. In the full version, you can have multiple tracks for one song with different meter or tempo or key signature, and add lyrics and more.


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