I liked, but didn’t love, hence the expression:


– Robert Downey, Jr. I can’t imagine anyone else pulling this off. So funny, so cool.
– Some sweet effects (IM hanging under the F-16 (or whatever) was awesome).
– That amazing Audi that I want to be my car.
– His robot companions. I want them all.
– The bonus at the end of the credits.


– The same underlying plot of HULK, with Jeff Bridges as a better Nick Nolte.
– Terrence Howard (I think he sucks, I can’t think of a movie I thought he was good in).
– Gwyneth Paltrow standing outside on the phone while two metal man fight.
– The lack of a strong, memorable theme.
– The over-Favreau-iffication. I get it, he has a cameo, but does he have to be in like 4 or 5 scenes? Distracting.
– The 36 hours later “Alias” transition, though Matthew made some good points about tone there, it felt very TV to me.

I look forward to 2011 when Iron Man 2 comes out though

By E-G 421