Berg Fuzz

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I never saw Shawn of the Dead. I was slightly tempted at the time…but for one reason or another it became one of the rare movies of its ilk to get a BergPass. And that was that. When people told me how much they loved it, it never really fazed me since every clip i saw from it seemed all the more annoying. It just didn’t seem like the kid of comedy i respond to. And now, years later, i have begun to come to the conclusion i may have made a huge mistake.

“Don’t” – It is the sole reason i became interested in Hot Fuzz. The trailers never gave me that “i’m gonna love this” vibe. But then “don’t” came into my life and, really – how could i not become at least a little bit curious. Plus, i have always enjoyed the action genre much more than zombie films, and so, with that, there i was tonight.

Now, first i want to say that every time i buy tickets in advance for films that are events for me…films like Grindhouse and Snakes on a Plane….i show up and the theater is only half full. Then, the rare times, like tonight, that i don’t hit fandango days in advance and the goddamn thing is sold out all night. Every show across the board. I guess i never realized just how many Shawn fans are out there.

Anyway, i have never been so glad that i saw a film i hadn’t perviously planned on seeing in all my days. I mean…woah. WOAH. Yet another reason why you can’t always rely solely on a trailer.

This film is FUCKING GREAT.

Great in SO many reasons. Great on so many levels. Great.

The Actors. Every Character. The Editing. The balance of comedy and action. It succeeds on every level.

Now, i wasn’t sold at first. But that’s what so great about this film. It builds and builds and then, before you know it your jaw hurts because you realize you were smiling the entire time.

I wish this could have been the second feature at the Grindhouse.

DON’T not see this.