I’m going to be on an Internet talk show tonight


It’s called “Thought Balloon” and it’s a streaming web show about comic books. I’ll be promoting Freshmen, and you can even Instant Message them to ask me questions. Feel free to attack, humiliate or embarrass me, but please please please, no Star Wars talk. smile

Details in the extended text.

From the site’s press release:

School’s in session, Comicbook Fans!

Even though we’re up to our 8th episode, THOUGHT BALLOON gets fresh this
Thursday at 8 PM with our guest Hugh Sterbakov, the writer and
co-creator of Top Cow’s FRESHMEN!

And Hugh’s not coming alone – he’s bringing signed copies of the
FRESHMEN Vol. 1 trade paperback to give away FREE! Just instant
message your questions at the top of the show to become eligible for
this swinging swag, because THOUGHT BALLOON is still the only
live-streaming show dedicated to comics where you, the viewer, have a

So please tune in to THOUGHT BALLOON this Thursday, June 21, at 8 PM
Pacific/11 PM Eastern on thestream.tv. See you on the (online)


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  1. Roger says:


  2. Cybergosh says:

    Yeah – yeah – i have Zuckuss questions, too.  Yeah.  Roger, let’s both IM Zuckess questions.  After all these years, there is still so much that is unknown about the mysterious and alluring Zuckuss!  Oh, and Garindan!  I have some good Garindan questions…