Satellite of Love

I will be appearing on Chris Meadows’ Space Station Liberty call-in show on Thursday, February 8 at 10 PM EST to discuss the MOSPEADA and Southern Cross art I mentioned here. The show’s home page is here, and detailed instructions on how to listen and call in are here. Feel free to call in and heckle me.

– Roger

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3 Responses to “Satellite of Love”

  1. Harkajunky says:

    Crap, I missed calling in – how did this go???

  2. Harkajunky says:

    I downloaded and have been listening, but lol – unfortunately I don’t have any idea what you guys are talking about.  This is a genre and franchise that I’ve never really discovered.  Never used to watch robotech.  Very cool that you got this opportunity to share your knowledge with other fans, though!  Grats!

  3. Harkajunky says:

    Did the host have a pulse?

    could i post more?