As you can see below, we went to the first show at the Grindhouse. Went to sleep at 330am. Got up at 7am. Ready to walk out the door to meet Bake for the 1130am. Because i loved it? Well…yes and no.
So here’s a really quick, ultra-non-spolier (assuming you already know who directs the trailers…nothing more revealed than that……) yes/no type review for Grindhouse until i have more time later on tonight to appropriately assess the situation…

Planet Terror = Yes

Death Proof = Surprisingly and unfortunately, No

Rodriguez Trailer = YES

Eli Trailer = Yes and No

Rob Z Trailer – YES

Edgar Wright Trailer = YES

So, over all, Yes. Not YES or YES! or YES!! Overall, just Yes.

Ok, lemme go back to the Grindhouse and figure out what i’m really trying to say. In the meantime, i’m sure Eros can explain it all a little better.

By Fat Ass